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Thread: What am I doing wrong?

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    What am I doing wrong?

    Hi all! I really could do with some help.
    I've noticed recently alot of the time my team is losing, the blame is placed solely upon me, and I really don't understand why?
    I play properly, (I think?) I'll explain-
    I attack minions, deal with jungle buffs etc, try to stay co ordinated, don't chase down kills and run into 5 v 1 battles. The characters I use the most are, Discordia, Nox, Chang'e, Neith, Jing Wei, Nu Wa & Aphrodite. Obviously characters who aren't supposed to make a lot of kills (excluding Neith & Wei), moreso do damage and let other team members finish them off (I think?)

    I play the objectives more than try to capture cheap kills. I just don't understand why I lose so often and almost always get the blame. Now admittedly, I don't make lots of kills often, & my aim is quite bad, coming from someone who's been playing Overwatch religiously for the past 3 years, somehow I still suck, lmao. Very rarely do I play Conquest or Clash, I mostly play Arena or Joust.
    My average is around KDA is usually around 5-3-10+
    I know how to get in and out of battles affectively.

    So, that's basically it, I guess? I wouldn't mind playing vs A.I if they gave rewards but,, I like levelling my battle pass. Any help would be appreciated, thank you! )

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    Experiment with mouse sensitivity for the aim. Smite is a bit weird aim wise I think, takes some fiddling to make it suit you.

    I don't think overwatch is as fine aimed as smite, overwatch is way more about positioning and predicting. There are a few charachters that need fine tuned aim though. Are you super agile and comfy with sensitivity in windows? Can go from bottom right to upper left quick and select something accurately. If not check your sensitivity settings in windows.

    Check so fps and all that is good to.

    For arena 5-3-10 is a good enough score. If team over plays its not ure fault, but ppl like to blame someone. With positive score like that in arena it cannot ever be your fault more or less. Even if you hit 10% then team just gotta wait for you to hit. Objective is important in arena, I don't like attacking before creep wave is under control, but if someone initiates or gets a combo, at least close to creep wave you really should try follow up, and always be ready for that to happen. If someone lands a 2man stun and you are in range to follow or just out of range and therefor miss ure ability it looks bad. Gotta be able to make that switch from creep wave to kill pretty fast and then settle back for creeps again if nothing came from it. Still though not hesitate to throw out a few autos if your team got a good trade. It comes from experience and what all Gods do, when, how, how long etc. Also nox for example is a bit tricky for arena, use 2 on creeps then miss 1 to peel for ally and they die, they feel you do nothing, its a good idea to build plenty cdr so you can creep and then still join a fight after in reasonable time. For other classes it can mean enough pwr / pen to one shot creep wave with one ability (for example neith 1 or 2) and have rest for fight. Or later on just auto attack creep wave and save whole kit for a potential fight, if you team slacks in creeping go oddy bow or smth like crusher for fast clear so you can quickly get to fights with rest of ure kit. And if team likes shooting the wave a lot then don't join in except with few autos, let them clear and save kit for fights.

    For clash depending on tempo you might need to pressure a bit more aggressively, can't let an opportunity slip there. While objectives are important in clash in general I'd say its more important to remove the enemy, doesn't have to be kills but making them back is good enough. God pressure is super important in clash more so then arena, cause its a looong back in clash. When they back then you can play objective (or go for more kills). When I play thanna in clash I like to get physical prots so I can dive tower and remove Gods the tower we take after if we can, if not we wait, farm and pressure again later and maybe take rest of tower then. For clash always try win the team fight first or pick of key targets first, if your team looks like they wanna fight and there are creeps pushing it can be tough call sometimes later on but for risk of not letting team down, go with team and maybe you can pressure one lane after and just win off it. Maybe until lv 5 you can just focus creep waves in clash but after that unless your team is stacking hard you should pressure as much as you can.

    Also on ure part of map you should always try answer. On their part of map only chase if confident. In arena if I see teammate in trouble I almost always go in, on ure part of map you are obligated I think. on their part of map you can leave them to die and in general not feel to guilty.
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    If you feel like you play well enough and enjoy helping setup your team try to get better at communicating through your VGS with what your going to do/

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    Well first of all, forget about KDA ratio.
    Yes it gives some indication of the players but it is not the most important aspect of the game.

    And second, people like to blame others.
    If somebody has constructive things to say, try to listen, reflect on your gameplay and try to improve if applicable.
    Ignore toxic insults.

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