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Thread: Let's be constructive!

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    Let's be constructive!

    Let's have a constructive discussion about ways you'd like to see the game improved or things you'd like to see changed. You can be detailed if you'd like or as broad as a lake. This isn't a discussion about my opinions, but rather a discussion about your opinions!

    I'll start (In no particular order)-

    -Return of player "Statistics" on loading screens.
    -A focused effort on bug fixes. There's a lot of annoying ones still.
    -Advertisements of the game to attract new or returning interest. A bigger playerbase could benefit this game alot.
    -Less lootbox style systems even if they come at a greater overall cost
    -Revamped ingame items (Art, names, design. They don't all need to be cliche weapons and armor. A character can't wield 3 swords. Get some accessories in there and be creative!)
    -Limited skins are Ok! They don't need to be and probably shouldn't be a common thing, but I appreciate them for what they are.
    -Improved visibility of details around how ingame systems work. ie End dates for events, upcoming release dates, how many battle points does it take to get from where you are to max battle pass.
    -More achievements to chase!
    -Better login rewards!
    -New things to spend favor on (Let people buy skin boosters etc.)
    -Focus on more reusable PvE content (Releasing new events is cool but instead of doing limited time PvE events you could make something that is recyclable or permanent which would allow more time to focus on other new content!)

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    edit2: TLDR version. COLOR CODED (by class) GOD NAME PLATES.

    Lately a lot of advantageous skins have been released, and I really do not like it. For example nox sea skin is harder to see if you are inside bubble, scylla sea skin also has a small advantage, add new sound que you are not used to and shit hits the fan. One Ra skin has sound Q like 0.5sec later then normal skins, its pretty big deal. I'm getting oldish (35) and take time growing used to new things, also my memory is bad. I can live with all this but what annoys me most is when 3 ppl on same team have skins that look a lot alike, I have an old gfx card and is limited to 60fps which makes things blurry at times, this along with lookalikes makes me focus wrong targets in some situations. This was never an issue before when there was some original skins and recolors. I think it kinda removes some of the competitiveness, a good competitive environment rests on clarity. I can only imagine new players learning all Gods and then also learning all skins and their unique sound ques to stand a good chance, its a pretty steep learning curve. I want a way to more clear see what God is where. Maybe if an icon could be introduced that you could opt to have or not that is displayed above the God next to their name or something, same as the minimap icon for all I care. Let us scale it with the UI editor as all other ui things and we can have it how we like. Icons are easier to quickly recognize then a written name sure it might be about 0.5sec difference, but in smite, it is a lot. God names tend to either block other things or get lost in particle effects atleast for me with a shitty gfx card. I also think not making skins to advantageous or disadvantageous is something to keep in mind as they add more skins to the game.

    edit: or smth as simple as color code names, purple - mage, brown hunter, yellow assass, red warrior, green guardian. that would help a lot and not be to new and weird.
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    -A better (more user friendly) UI, if its not possible because of crossplay, then a toggle to use the old pc UI at least (If you're on that platform).

    -Redesign of assault and arena maps (again), this is personal preference of course, but in my opinion the new maps are bland, desaturated affairs. Make assault play out in a mountain valley perhaps? maybe even in daylight? I liked the old arena map, where it looked like an actual arena...

    -A complete redesign of how assault works:
    1- Rerolls will put the god rolled into a pool that the rest of the team can choose from, that way even if someone does roll the healer or the tank someone else can pick it up. Also it's not possible to roll into the same class as you rolled from.
    2 - remove buffs and the extra lane. Instead adding buffs/debuffs depending on team-composition and location on map. In essence this means that teams with a guardian and/or healer will receive an exp debuff for camping their tower for more than a set amount of time. This is to prevent tower camping from being too rampant, and counterattack tactics with a team that doesn't need, it as well.
    3 - Buff hp of towers, phoenix and titan. Buff damage output of titan.

    -Events should never take place on top of each other, besides the battle pass only one event should ever be active.

    -If an event is currently underway, all new skins should go into that event. No more 3 different chest to roll on top of an event on top of the battle pass.

    Might chime in later on with more.
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    First off, I can't stand the launch screen. We so need a new one that is updated and more user friendly.

    1. Have past unobtainable skins be for sale oppose to "never again". It's so stupid to not have exclusive skins again because you were never there in the first place.

    2. Increase the prerequisites for rank. Maybe play chars that are level 5 and above, or be a certain higher level. I don't know the right answer but something needs to happen because you have noobs ruining games.

    3. Remove the random chest! It's already a controversy and it's obviously greedy on Hi-Rez part.

    4. Use favor to buy older skins. If favor can only be used to buy worthless items, then why bother?!

    5. Wish list: Have a game where you can only play level 10 characters in any game mode.

    6. A new game genre that is pvp focus with no damn pve objectives. Something better than Arena.

    All I can think of at the moment
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