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Thread: Aegis is a bad game mechanic

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    Aegis is a bad game mechanic

    I've played this game a long time, and through it ALL my biggest gripe is the Aegis relic. HiRez pays attention to how often Gods are picked and win rates and such when making nerfs and changes; but why do they not pay attention to relics? Honestly, how often are 90% of the other relics used? Why use bracer of undoing and get 40% hp back from a 1500 dmg ulti when you can just block 100% of it in the first place and not get the debuffs and all that?

    Aegis promotes defensive gameplay and disrupts proper engagements. Too many times am I outplaying opponents and they just wait till I ulti and they Aegis AND FLEE. Relics should be use to slightly bolster your gameplay in unique ways, or counter building like Cursed Ankh. But no, EVERYBODY goes Aegis and Beads and just tries to unload their kit, pop their relics and run away. What other Moba has such a hand holding mechanic?

    Personally, I'm sick and tired of Aegis. If I can't suggest banning it all together, can we at least nerf it so SOME damage can go through it? Or maybe it blocks 100% of all normal damage done by a God BUT their pen gets to go through it?

    I'm happy to hear everyone's thoughts, let's discuss...

    And the argument that mages need Aegis to counter high damage builds is ludicrous. Half the fun of Smite is the ACTIVE countering to the other team through item building. Either sacrifice some damage and get protections, or you know... out play them through CC's and teamwork. You know, the very reason TANKS should engage first and facilitate their damage as best they can do win engagements?

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    I'm pretty sure lol has an item that does the same thing as what Heavenly Aegis used to do back in the day. Think it was called Zhonya's Hourglass or something.

    Aegis already got nerfed to 160s CD and 1.5s duration which is as seen, the best point for it to stay balanced as it is. Keep in mind you can't use your own abilities or even be healed during it, so you're literally a sitting duck and still can be CCed during that time or immediately afterwards if the enemy has good timing.

    Really the only issue is tanks thinking they can get away with getting it first relic. I can at least excuse beads because CC is rampant in this game, but there is no reason you sacrifice counterplay relics like Shell or Phantom in lieu of Aegis on a tank.
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    Shell is superior early and mid game cause you can actually do something while popping it.

    Bracer is superior for same reason but only if they do not have antiheal. Yeah in duel people rarely get aegis, they get bracer more often.

    Aegis is superior late game though if used to counter a high burst.

    I can at least excuse beads
    Please spread this mentality. The only way to know for sure you can go in and lay down ure huge aoe zoner (or ally save spell, like geb shield etc) as a tank in some games is if you have beads.
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