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    Achillies wtf

    Ive just fought a cancerous fight against Achilles in solo lane with Hours and I got really annoyed cause my damage against him was stupidly low compared to what I know it should be, throughout the entire fight.

    This it what it looked like in lvl 10:

    My 2 does 350 dmg with the build I had and he have 90 protection and Warriors blessing which reduce all damage taken by 3.
    Protection and Mitigation: Damage= (100 x unmitigated damage damage)/(100+protection) =184 dmg
    With warriors blessing this should be 178 dmg

    What I saw with my own eyes the entire laning phase was that my damage numbers was no where near what they should do. Both my 1 and 2 who both should do 350 dmg lvl 10 forexample(which i have calculated) only hit him for 150 dmg.

    Meanwhile his 3 did more dmg than both my abilities combined when he hit me with both dashed(which is cause he have higher scaling and and I had 20 less protection)
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