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    Funny builds

    Her are a list of builds i use when im having fun:

    Speedanos: Thanathos-Talaria Boots-Stone Cutting Sword- Shield of Regrowth-Winged Blade-Atlantas Bow-Bumbas Mask-
    Note: who is the fastest god in smite? Its Thanathos when he is chasing down a god with low health, due to his 2 giving him 60% speed. With this build you have an extra 72% base movement speed, +115% if you have activated Shield of Regrowth, hit 3 basics activate your 2 while chasing down an enemy on low health

    Critules-Hercules-Transcendence-Warrior Tabi-Rage-Deathbringer-Crushers-Shield of Regrowth/Bloodforge
    Tips: this works on hercules cause of his healing giving him essential 2x as much hp as other characters if you use your 3 and tank all the attacks.

    Fat Loki-Cabrakan(you need the Fat Loki skin for this build to work) Book of Thoth(if you dont wanna stack go Shoes of the Magis) Shoes of the Magic-Spear of Desolation-Polynomicon-Divine Ruin-Shamans Ring(Soul Reaver if you dont wanna stack)-Rod of Tahuti
    Tips: you need blink, max your 2 and ignore leveling your 3 at all

    Tanky Ao: Ao Kuang-Shoes of The Focus-Midgardian Mail-Void Stone-Lonos Mask-Nemean Lion-Shoguns Kusari
    you will simply outbox and outank everyone

    2 Shot Xba-Xba-Transcendence-Warrior Tabi-Crushers-Rage-Deathbringer-Hydras Lament
    Tips: Get passive full stacked and hit an enemy with your basics after using and ability. Combo is to Poison Dart and hit them with two basics-the first one should do 1100 dmg and the next 700-800. Also works with Jing Wei as her steroid increase her crit chance.

    Tanky Pach- Ah Pach-Shoes of the Focus-Mystical Mail-Bullwark of Hope-Breastplate of Valor-Genjis(if lot of magical)/Pestilence(if a lot of healing)/if not Oni Hunters-Magis Blessing
    Tips: in combat, just run in circles while spamming your corpses-dont detonate them, your job is to pick these up for healing.

    Cernunnos Max Lifesteal: Cern-Ninja Tabi-Devo Gloves-Souleater-Asi-Bloodforge-Berserker Shield/Executioners-
    Tips: executioners is the better item, but if you wanna go as much healing as you can from your basics get Berserker shield. Always stay in your lifesteal form. You will have about 84 lifsteal and 100% when Asi Pasive proccs. With Berserker Shield you also heals 20 Hp per hit in max rank.

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    Puch B2-Bomber: Focus, Regrowth, Spear, Gem, Mantle, Obsidian. Use 1, wait a bit for CD, pick up corpse then run into fight and drop 1,2,3. Stack spear, gem and decent dmg on their team then run out again, rinse repeat.
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    I love making Hyper Healers and equipping them with Bomba Mask and speed items. Chang'e esp. is like super fast LOL it cracks me up.

    Boomba Mask, Traveler Shoes, Chrono's Pendant, Shield of Regrowth, Rod of Asclepius, and Evolved Shaman's Ring. This build sacrifices damage for speed but it's so funny to see them so fast LOL.
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