Backstory -

Hina the Goddess of the Moon and the Mother of all reef life. She once lived in the sea with her husband Te Tuna, The God of Eels. She didn’t feel happy, so she grew bored and tired of him and decided to seek love elsewhere. She tricked Te Tuna telling him she was going for food, but Hina left to go on land. She looked far and wide to find a lover, but they were all scared of the wrath and vengeance of Te Tuna. Until she found Maui the Demigod. They fell in love, but the locals wasn’t happy about it so they told Te Tuna. Te Tuna didn’t care but the people annoyed him so much that he eventually had to win back his wife. Hina was irritated that men can just think that they can just win her over, she grew tired of the crowd and flees to the moon. Becoming the Goddess of it.

Abilities -
Passive -

Allies around her give Hina increased movement speed - including herself
4% each ally. Capping at 20%

Ability 1 -

Hina summons her fish minions to attack her enemies causing her enemies to slow.
Slow - 20%
Damage per tick (0.5 for 2.5 seconds)- 10/15/20/25/30 (30% of magical power)

Ability 2 -

Hina uses the Moons power to heal her or allies wounds. Can be targeted on self and ally.
Heal - 60/120/150/180/220 (+25% of magical power)

Ability 3 -

Hina summons a large orb of water that does damage in a line and splashes on contact with enemy gods. The splash causes a slow.
70/100/120/150/180 (+60% of magical power)

Ability 4 -

Hina summons a large wave of water in a radius that has her reef friends inside causing the wave to do damage and knock up and slow and shield allies.
Radius - 150
Slow - 30/30/40/50/60%
Shield - 100/130/150/180/200 (15% of magical power)
Damage - 120/150/180/200/250 (60% of magical power)