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Thread: How much time left for SMITE?

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    Thumbs up How much time left for SMITE?

    I just began playing less than a month ago, I have been in other MOBAs except LoL, this one had some good aspects like the movement system, it seems to have some Overwatch tier matchmaking where enemies will get stealth buffs when is your turn to lose (aka the whole 50/50 system), its monetization is horrible like any other Hi-Rez game, gold is useless, everything is limited or time gated which makes no sense for long term profits, balance seems all over the place, not sure if Merlin and Arthur are supposed to do all that stuff while other gods are mostly 1-trick ponies.

    I see little activity on the forums for good reasons but is kind of sad since the concept was kind of nice in my opinion (that is gods vs gods), I recall hi-rez killed a game called Tribes which was its "Halo killer" or something, Paladins has a broken meta, the only relatively good game mode for me here is Arena, I haven't come across any bugs so far but a ton of disconnecting players, BTW, how can there be a vs bots mode but absent players are never replaced with bots?

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    The game will drag on for more years but it's gone down hill significantly over the past year alone.

    They took away so many things that I liked about the game over the past year or so
    -no more limited skins, I liked those skins and would buy them up. Them being limited was cool to me. GONE
    -I really like the stats on the loading screen and payed a lot of favor to have them appear. GONE
    -they took away my favorite match of the day modes, conquest ones, especially omnipotence. GONE
    -They took away the store for fantasy/battle points. No incentive to keep playing once you finish the battle pass in a couple of weeks.
    -They took away the weekly winner chests, no incentive to keep playing after you completed the battle pass.
    -solo que ranked conquest is gone, they claimed that made matchmaking better and then they changed it. So they either lied or don't care. Either way, can't play ranked without a partner now.

    I'm done with the game, thought I'd share why. I spent hundreds of dollars and a few years on it. Sad to see it go out like that but it is what it is. The meta is more boring to me than ever. They do force losses to in ranked too by giving you 3 bronzies vs 5 plats, that way you are guaranteed to lose to keep it 50%ish. Really dumb.
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    Quote Originally Posted by AntonChigurhKC View Post
    -no more limited skins, I liked those skins and would buy them up. Them being limited was cool to me. GONE
    I'm sorry, but thank God limited skins are gone. Stop wanting to be a special snowflake. Let the community, past and present, enjoy what the game has to offer.

    @OP: I've been playing since beta. Then quit in early 2015, only to come back last week. I can assure you that "Smite is dying" threads have been posted since 2014.

    Now I can't quite judge whether or not it is dying since I've only returned last week, but I hope not.
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