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Thread: how good is the item recommendation for a newbie?

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    Post how good is the item recommendation for a newbie?

    hey guys, I've played smite few years back, i had a decent understanding of the game(especially since i'm a dota 2 player)
    but i literally just came back yesterday and it seems this game heavily relies on the guides but i'm not sure how good these guides are, so should i be following them or ignore them and build based on stats?

    thanks in advance.

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    The Recommended items in the Shop are decent enough. And they'll get you through your first dozen or so levels before you HAVE to start learning the entire item shop. You have to learn it quickly, you also have to know how to counter build very early on otherwise you'll be stuck in the lower MMR/ELO area with a difficult escape from it if you wait to learn everything too long. Each God/Goddess/Demon/Monster/Character in Smite each take somewhat different builds and build options. You'll figure those builds and options out as you play and as you watch others on your team or stream build their gods. It's a massive learning curve but if you can manage it, you'll do perfectly fine.

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