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Thread: Hi-rez seems to not care about it's community. I'm out.

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    Lightbulb Hi-rez seems to not care about it's community. I'm out.

    Hi-rez Literally seems to not care about it's community. I'm out.
    There are so many bugs, lag, trolls and literally nothing seems to be done. The tickets are literally bot answered by the support, Most of the posts are literally ignored, but hey: ''It's a free game'', alright then. It's incredible how League Of Legends and Dota kept their communities and number of players for so many years and smite after the big hype at 2014~2015 just started to lose it's players slowly and now it's completely dead with a few empty bodies trolling everywhere, mostly at rankeds. I feel sad about how the quality dropped. The game is dead.
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    For the looks of it Hi-Rez never supports any games beyond monetization after a while, they just seem to publish on flavor of the month so I guess they are focused on Realm Royale right now, guess they can't take the hint and realize they can't compete.

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