Smite has become a bad joke, ever since the devs forced xbox to have crossplay on by default.

Clan invites dont work, accepting clan invites dont work, 50/50 chance that someone disconnects or goes afk at the start of matches. Got my friend into the game, hes lvl 7 and hes facing a premade of lvl 100+, im not sure how to convince him the game is worth while if i cant assure him it gets better after leveling. 2 people afk cant vote to surrender, 430 - 105 too early to surrender? 50 kills to 1, too early to surrender? Then punishing people for leaving the game in those situations.... mind boggling,,,

Has anyone ever notice at the loading screen some people take forever to load? most of the time its them that disconnect, the problem is that servers allow everyone with all different pings to join a match, which is bad in so many ways, ever notice your about to finish someone off and poof they dont die and get away, ping has to do with that. Other games out there have remedied that, where they set a ping restriction so people with similar pings play togethor, i think blizzard was one of them.

Crossplay has been the worst thing to ever come to smite, mouse and keyboard will always have a very huge advantage over controller, anyone who disagrees with that does not know the difference between a console and a pc. System specs can also give bigger advantages. If it didnt tournments wouldnt be using all the same pcs.

Smite is the first game i have ever been so frustratingly mad at... At least i enjoyed it before crossplay. Easier to move on to other things.