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Thread: Change Merlin to actually be a hard God instead of just a stand switching one

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    Change Merlin to actually be a hard God instead of just a stand switching one

    Instead of just nerfing Merlin, why not change his skills to work differently and actually interact with other skills? Atm he might have 3 stances but he's...Well that honestly doesn't make him hard to use. People just default to 2 stances for basically the entire game and that's that. It SEEMS like the Authurian "Pantheon" is supposed to be hard to use (Which makes sense, they're not gods but are standing on their level apparently?)

    I picked him up because he reminded me of Invoker from DoTA. Why not push him more towards that, but with his own identity still, rather than, basic mage but my my AoE is now on 1 instead of 2 cause I switched stances? That's what i expected. High skill cap, and high damage to go along with that. The dude also has basically the same elements Invoker uses (You can't tell me they could have had some other inspiration).

    Take him off of live, change arcane to wind (Cause literally EVERYTHING in it makes sense for a wind stance) and then go from there. Also do something different with his passive. Master wizard but my passive just charges a basic attack? Why not make an amp'd up spell, reduce cool-downs, or something along those lines? Just off the top of my head:

    Master of Magic: After hitting a champ with specific spells his ultimate makes a certain MASTER spell (Is still the stance switch when those spells aren't charged, and they don't really have to change anything but the passive).

    Arcane Understanding: After hitting a champion with a number of spells in a certain time limit recover 5-25% of the mana lost (Scales as he levels)

    Unstable Magics: Merlin's Arcane (Or wind if they change it) spells can be combined with his other stance's moves granting different effects to the combined spell. I.E Eclipse passing through dragon fire or being hit by radiate makes it launch flaming projectiles.

    Any of that would make Merlin harder to use (Or more combative with the 2nd passive suggestion) and actually spice him up. He's a super bland Master Wizard as he is now though, and just gutting numbers won't really change that or his high win rate that they want to lower. You just reduce the damage output of whatever he's doing, and if that's the case people just won't play him.

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    Merlin is just way op and to top it off his kit is so easy to play that even a noob can play him well. It would be nice to make him challenging to play and change his skills, but it's not going to happen.
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