Link to the match and their ranks in particular:

Now, me and my friend have been queuing ranked for a while together now, enjoying the road ahead. And while playing we've noticed several times where the matchmaking is just clearly unfair and one-sided. I know that Bronze III's are being ranked on their skill as they go, but I find it odd how Platinum games get them - I even found it weird when I was in Gold, but I was willing to let that one slide. -, where missing your ult several times or dying to Oracles at level 2 isn't a thing to you'd be expecting.

Another example being:, where me and my team just ended up laughing around not taking anything seriously because of the sheer difference in skill.

Is this due to a lack of players on ranked, or because the MMR system as of right now just doesn't work as it's supposed to?

Disclaimer: No hate on any of these players. I'm merely using them as example for how lackluster the current matchmaking feels.