Hi this is my first form so I am sorry if my formatting is wrong or if this isn't considered a "Serious Topic" for this board.

I mainly play Smite on PC but certainly I've been play on switch (PC needs some new parts). Now don't get me wrong, I love that my account is linked, and that I can team up with PC friends.

Now for the actual problem, having to have crossplay enabled if you want to get into a actually game is no fun. When its enabled in most games for the past month to my knowledge console players on controllers are put up against PC players with a huge disadvantage. This sadly makes the game no fun leaving console players helpless against PC players.

Now there are ways to fix this but I'm no professional but these are some of my ideas.
-Keep the crossplay but have it OFF as the default.
I think doing this could fix the problem with console players put up against PC players automatically
-Add a bit of a filter like feature to the crossplay
By this I mean that you could tweak your current crossplay working, but the system trys to keep console players against other compatible console any time that crossplay is enabled. Now say the player wanted to play with a PC player then you can simply do what you already have right now.

Thank you for reading this