So since the rework of the physical items and the magical items. Magical items have been so much better then the physical ones. For instance divine ruin gives 80 magical power while its counter part brawlers beat stick gives 40, and these items are used the same way, but the magical items are more powerful. This is makes it very hard for physicals to build high damage, because they are so limited in power while mages can 1 shot anything in there way. Also Guardians are taking advantage of this making bruisers like Cabrakan, Kumbarkana, and Ymir extreme hard to fight with the high damage plus health. Warriors don't need this physical damage very much with the new gods Horus and king Arthur. But assassins and hunters need it badly to even to get close to killing high damage magical gods, and high health and protected warriors in late game. This needs to be brought into the light