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Thread: What makes a Master+?

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    What makes a Master+?

    I've been playing SMITE for a very long time now and I've actively avoided ranked and again I'm really into it now but I have a big question that I never asked before and well that's what makes a Master to Grandmaster player? What set of skills do they have that a common folk like I shouldn't. I am generally curious because again this has never come across.

    I've played other games where masters was lack lustered and its more of a "grind" if anything but can anyone enlighten me on this? I'd like to know more and for me I maybe gold 1 atm but I've climbed pretty fast and in casuals where for me at least where I get non-stop try hards I get placed with diamond on up and I have yet to see the grandmasters on my team do anything "amazing" or flex their superior skills. Now I've seen a bit of the SPL but again I still feel its a bit vague since they are a full team so again...if someone can clear this up so that I may strive to get close to that.

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    Hey! I'm a masters player for 4 years! We can talk on discord about some tips! daead#0314

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