Nothing gets fixed anymore on PS4, nothing. This crap has lingered for a year now at least. The company sure has gone down hill significantly. Menu lag for over a year and it's even so bad sometimes it causes you to not be able to make a pick and you get deserter. This has been going on for a long time now, they obviously don't care.

You can't even type in reports anymore because it takes 2-5 tries for the report to go through and it's annoying to type on PS4, this has been going on for at least several months. They don't care.

Every decision that they make just makes the game worse. They said that for ranked conquest solo que was definitely improving the matchmaking and then they bring back duo que, so they lied or they don't care about matchmaking? It's one of the two.

They took away conquest MOTD's for what ever reason. They make you take 2 extra steps to get your little log in bonus now, annoying.

Loadouts, you can't even choose random on a lot of things for years now or it just goes back to default. These are things you pay money for sometimes, they don't care, they won't fix it.

This company makes me sad to watch it go so downhill. They just do not care anymore.