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Thread: account suspension negative impact

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    Lightbulb account suspension negative impact

    hello smite stafffff
    just a suggestion or advice or how ever u wanna take it
    about this suspended system time
    1d ~ 3d ~ 14d ~ 30d ~ Permanent ...
    over this lines
    leaving, harassment of other players, harassment of live streamers, intentional feeding and chat spam.
    im not sure why the "Permanent"
    its not like they killed someone in real life
    the main subject is:
    when someone charge's gem's
    waste time & money & efforts lvling his characters mastery
    & having good calm friend list
    .. then in a bad day with randomly bad team match making .. they falsely report you "!" trollishly
    just to have the "last laugh"
    you think its fair for suspended time to escalate up to 10d+++
    even if the player deserve it "for fairness"
    that would give negative impact which might be something like this:
    players get mad
    create new account
    have zero plan's on ever charging real money in it ever again
    have zero team respect (create toxic community)
    if they die JUST once .. they leave the game
    trash talk everywhere
    abuse being hooked with new players & beating the gaming shit out of them
    not playing seriously
    basicly the game becomes just a "pass time"
    meaning if match just started .. & a friend called or msg on mobile appeared .. they will simply close the game & move on with there lifes
    not worried if another ban occurred
    or if he hated a player way of playing or "rage" a little as normal humans do
    he will start feeding or fucking the game or picking ymir and opening wall behind team mate when they try to survive
    or do anything out of NO REGRETS
    cuz hirez decided to ban ur account for a big fat time...
    i really suggest changing this ban times
    maybe to :
    10day <<< as biggest ban time
    -reason why its not 7 .. incase some play weekends only
    -& if no ban penalty isn't triggered for like around 3month's
    then ban penalty time is reset to "1day" as a cooldown
    & for the permanent ban: hacking, fraudulent purchases, impersonating a Hi-Rez employee, account sharing, or real life threats.
    looks good for these sins...
    please consider before over +50% of smite community will become toxic with low lvl accounts never charging gems in it
    or in other word .. never paying you for your efforts
    through buying skins or stuff
    or not even recommend the game to a friend
    last few days with this before it get ban .. or 2nd(new account)
    i played with toxic players who feed & rude
    some peeps ask him to behave or he will be reported
    he said "no fucks given
    they asked him .. dont u value your account
    he said something like "my main hard worked account is ban"

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    like this "thing"
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    At least Scylla bought wards.

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    They will not read your post. If you want to make a suggestion. Put in a ticket. They don't support this forum.
    Diva Aphro, "Gurl bye!"
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    the game is trash. imma speak my mind. and once i am done i am logging off and never getting back on so i will never see the replies here. NEVER. first of fucking all fuck you hi rez. the only reason alot of people play this game including me is because its addicting anymore. it started out fun but in the end the community is toxic the wrong people get punished and im sick of it. the second time i have been suspended because players are reporting me for their fucked up bs. and im tired of it. the community and you can go fuck yourself. this game is heavily reliant on team work. SO WHEN YOU GET A FUCKING TEAM THAT IS FEEDING AND RETARDED YOU SUFFER FOR IT. NO MATTER HOW HARD I TRAIN NO MATTER HOW HARD I TRY I WILL ALWAYS LOSE NOT BECAUSE OF MY SKILLS BUT BECAUSE OF THE WEAKLIST LINK ON MY TEAM BEING A FUCKING RETARDED COCK SUCKING PIEFCE OF SHIT. PLEASE DELETE THIS ACCOUNT YOU COCK SUCKERS BECAUSE ITS OBVIOUS YOU CREATED A GAME THAT IS ONLY FOR PEOPLE WHO CAN PARTY UP WITH OTHERS THEY KNOW. FUCK YOU AND FUCK YOUR GAME ILL CREATE MY OWN GAME SOME DAY AND IT WILL BE SO MUCH MORE FUN THEN YOUR COCK SUCKING USELESS GAME WHERE INDIVIDUAL SKILLS ARE WORTHLESS WHEN YOU ARE ON TEAM TURD. so there now that i have gotten that off my chest. fuck you. fuk your game and fuck you readers who read this and dont like it or would laugh. of course i wont even know or care to know but fuck you anyway. thank you i hope this account gets deleted and i hope you got this you makers of smite. next time create a game that actually gives individuals a fighting chance that or create a system that pairs you with people of your skill not with team turd. I AM TIRED OF LOSING CUZ OF TRASH. i am so done. so yea fuck you.

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