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Thread: Stuck in ELO Hell

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    Stuck in ELO Hell

    So I decided to play ranked something I've never really and I've done this mainly because casual feels like a chore to play as I go up against non-stop meta gods and have to deal with tryhards so well no real point to play. Now with ranked I get the luxury of the ban and because of this I have started to play. However, I am normally losing and majority of the time it isn't my fault.

    I attempt to communicate with my team they ignore me they never ward they feed out their minds they have very pitiful bans and when I pick a strong god I can only do so much before I either die or I can't do anything because someone somewhere is so fed it's pretty much game. The best example I can give is this is like overwatch either I dom the enemy team or I get dominated. Thus I resort to the forum and may I find some tips aside from 'grind it out" to maybe leave the rank I am in? what rank am I? "Gold 2" I was about to leave gold and go to platinum but an Arachne thrower saw to that...

    So to sum up this wall of text how can I start winning games?

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    Carry harder. Team play when its beneficial go ego when you need to. Its a fine line. Plat I saw much better games and in diamond it shaped up really well I had nice games there most of the time. In both plat and diamond I feel you need to be much more of a team player.

    Pick your strong Gods for the role you have while also trying to counter as much of their team comp as you can.

    How many Gods are you comfortable with? Maybe expand your list to make it easier to fit well into the game. I cannot go my strongest Gods every game cause of how conq plays out, I know I get hard countered so hard at some point with x god, it will be a headache to sort out, even if I'm of the mentaility that I'm just gonna carry myself out of gold, some Gods just hard counter with such ease you cannot give that matchup, then its better for me to play a God Im not as comfy with in that role but can still handle ok, that mentality won me plenty of games I feel like.

    I had a game where I was support and all my fav gods where banned, Ok kumba was left but their team picked him. I went with kehpri that I almost never played in conq and I felt it won me the game (despite being out of position to get ult off a few times) cause I could lane comfortably against kumba and I got beads later on so I wouldn't sleep if I needed to ult. Kehp felt good against kumba in lane and since I'm good kumba I know how he works. Atleast I have no spell he can sleep me out of easily and go on CD (like a baccus burp). Gotta think about those things and try make the game as easy for you as you can while playing into teams strategy.

    You need to be able to play top meta gods so team can pick them up comfortably if you are in that position. Arthur, merlin, rata, achilles, baccus etc. Cause if one team doesn't pick them and can play them, the other team will. If you can't play top meta well and really wanna win you should practice the top meta Gods. You also need to do this to learn them better and what can counter them and not let enemy get half top meta team that you all struggle to figure out how to handle.
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    Only tips i can give is to play the two most impact full roles Mid and Jungler, preferable jungler if you can. And alway play some meta champs even though its not really fun. Someone with spam, easy to hit and escape.

    Midlaners, Janus, Scylla, Agni
    Junglers: Fenrir, Baka, Kali, Arachne, Erlang, Vamana

    They Cant ban all of them in one game

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    Hey! I'm a masters player for 4 years! We can discuss that on discord: daead#0314

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