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Thread: Anubis Feedback

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    Anubis Feedback

    So to start this off I would like to point out that i am almost mastery 30 with Anubis, he is my favorite god and I easily have the most playtime with him and enjoy the play style with that in mind he sucks and his kit is outdated.

    Good damage/burst damage
    Decent CC
    Ultimate can destroy Fire Giant Bull Demon Titan Gold Fury
    Really Strong Passive

    Slow movement speed
    no escape
    Completely shut down by anti heal making passive almost useless
    1 ability does 0 damage
    2 abilities root in place
    Super squishy

    Anubis is only played in low levels of play because he is a pub stomp god...yes if he gets fed he will wreck face but what mage in this game will not do the same if they get's a dumb argument. He is often compared to other mages with no escapes but high damage like Ah Puch/Zeus but the key difference is they don't have to be standing still for 2 out of their 4 abilities. his passive is so absurdly strong to make up for his mountain of shortcomings and is just a band aid for his kit problem and its still not enough because he rarely sees play. his main upside is his crazy amount of damage he can output, Merlin in fire stance can put out just as much damage if not more and he can move while using his 1 which is the same as Anubis 1 just not a cone.

    The key to fixing Anubis is make him be able to move while channeling his 1 making his ultimate his only rooted ability.
    and adding some sort of effect on his 2 whether that be protection shred, anti heal, or significant movement speed after hitting a target 25-30%
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