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Thread: ASI recent changes

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    ASI recent changes

    So,I've been using the ASI and am somewhat happy about it, but the thing I dont get is warriors get beserker/gladiator at 1700 as an early lifesteal/cdr item, but there is no longer a corresponding item for ranged the way old ASI was. I suppose you could get beserker as an adc, but I'd rather wait the 500 extra for asi. (usually build dual lifesteal - dev+asi or blood+asi)

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    The Warriors who usally go Berserker Shield have cleave attacks and very fast attack progression even with low attackspeed if you understand. They can utilize this item way better than most adcs + Warriors have higher HP meaning they gem more out of this item as it heals based on your max HP.
    Now this item can still be picked up on adcs, but not as a carry as you want damage. The other lifesteal items are intended to give you more damage and the lifesteal is just a bonus.
    If you want to go this item on an adc it would be best if your playing solo lane and only if your going some hybrid build.
    And I sometimes build it on Cern when im trolling going 4 lifesteal items+ the shield for maximum lifesteal(95% lifesteal+ berserker and when ur low you get 100% lifesteal due to Asi passive.

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