Hey there! So I have been playing Smite a lot more recently, and I enjoy playing games with other people.

I am looking to play this game even more than what I do, so I can continue to improve in the game. So I'm looking for a group or a clan that is very friendly, can help me learn even more, and have people who want to play! I don't mind other friend requests as well, as I'm always looking for new friends and people to play with.

A bit more on me:
My username is Pengod, and I play Solo and Hunter. I've been learning Assassins more, so might try out Jungle!
I use Discord actively, if you have a community or a clan that chats on there.
I've played MOBAs for about 5 years now. Started with League of Legends, and have spent a lot of off and on time with Smite but have started going hard at it more. I've played HOTS, Dota2, and HON.