I'll get straight to the point; I've recently gotten into "trouble" with other platforms while playing Smite. PC players have no filter system and can type much faster than I as I am a console player. I will warn you, if you are not used to mild language then you may want to click off of this thread.

As much as I hate to say this, I think Smite may need to consider using some sort of filtering system (i.e. something that filters out curse words and such). To be fair, the game is rated T for Teens and yes many teens curse however there are a lot of underaged kids that play too who are being exposed to some of the extremely toxic players who have, to put it lightly, "potty mouths".

I have also been falsely reported by the person as well as the other person who was playing with them (they reported me for going and taking a jungle kill to level up when they wanted it more).

This is the following conversation (typed exactly as the screenshots and the video, if you guys know a site to turn them into links for people to see please let me know and I will do that):

destroyerwin (Nemesis): i need to catch up
destroyerwin (Nemesis): fucking retards
destroyerwin (Nemesis): hey fuck tard whole tean in mid fucking help
destroyerwin (Nemesis): stfu learn
destroyerwin (Nemesis): to play
destroyerwin (Nemesis): its mot hard fuck tards
destroyerwin (Nemesis): all of you uninstall

I'm not censoring his name because he is playing an online game and therefore has his name public to those he plays with. He is a PC player.