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Thread: Odyssey Tier 5 Skin Community Theme Suggestions!

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    I think that ymir should win over baron because ymir has been in the game forever and baron has just recently joined. Also with kuku getting a tier 5 that would make the mages have 3 tier 5s if baron wins.

    But anyways my idea is a barbaric ymir skin where he starts entrapped in ice and throughout the game he thaws out (kinda like chronos passive) but by the end hes just a barbarian. I didnt really think too much out of it but i thought it would be cool to have a different transition for the tiers.

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    Full Disclaimer: The photos being used are not mine and are meant to give a general idea to the theme of the skin. Also this is my first time discussing a skin idea. So if you see ways to improve on the skin please leave a comment.

    Baron Tier 5: Tribal Corruption

    The skin would evolve over time like past Tier 5 skins. However, this skin would evolve based on the amount of god damage that the player has done throughout the game. It should evolve slow enough that the player gets to fully experience each form but have a low enough threshold that people who play support or solo lane can experience the full evolution as well.

    The skin is based on the evolution of an Algonquian Native American's transformation into a Wendigo or skin walker. Wendigo are known to consume human flesh to survive, which is why the evolution would be based on damage done. This would encompass the full essence of the Wendigo. A person ascending into madness, transforming into a humanoid like creature that is constantly searching for its next meal. However, the skin can show a saner wendigo that still controls his thought. In his final stage, Baron is aware he is hunting you to consume you. This is not instinct this is a hunt.

    The picture follow the possible stages of the tier 5. However, they need to be more uniform to make the transition flow better. The other point that should be noted is that the skin should be shaped as a humanoid wendigo instead of a creature. I do not want this to look like a Cernunnos skin. The skin should also grow in size to make the changes more impactful. I was thinking similar to the size change in Anubis or Ares.

    The first tier should appear as a normal sane Algonquian Native American. He should seem normal and maybe still have some swagger that Baron is so well known for. His abilities would reflect the Algonquian culture. This form would be more representative of a heal from the Algonquian tribes. (Making the skin look like native American warrior would not fit Baron’s style)

    The second tier would show Baron’s first experience with experiencing human flesh. (Sorry if this a bit graphic) He would start to look more deranged and is limps would begin to grow and he would begin shedding his tribal gear. His abilities would not start to darken just like his mind. This could come with blood stains and maybe necklace of bones or his attire is made of bones.

    The third stage would show the mind right before the fully transformation. The picture I used shows a skeleton, but it could stay human. He should begin to show maybe a dark aura. His voice pack should start to reflect his goal. A do not want this to progress to some sort of demon, but more of deranged healer who is transforming to a supernatural creature.

    His final form will be a full-blown Wendigo. He now fully transformed and ready to constantly hunt his prey. He will be taller, his limps will be longer, and have some kind of tradition head that reflects the normal perception of the wendigo. He could have a dark aura to enhance his presence on the battlefield. His abilities should now full encompass his thirst for blood. The picture used is to illustrate the humanoid look of this specific wendigo. While the picture seem to be more demonic and eviler, the concept art can favor a more vicious creature that seems overwhelm in the natural state as well as giving off this supernatural intensity.

    For this skin to work and be unique and be distinguishable from past skins like Demonic Pact Anubis. Tribal Corruption Baron Samedi is meant to be a visually impressive skin that strikes fear in their opponents. This is the true purpose of the Tier 5, which is why intense dark concepts are suggest. I have read many different concepts that suggest great ideas for future skins, but do not encompass the nature of a Tier 5.

    The skin evolving based on damage is a refreshing twist to how the skin changes over time. The evolution skins continue to serve as the best way to convey the importance of the tier 5 skins. Instead of changing through stagnant skins with no growth throughout the game, i.e. Bellona tier 5, or past concept art of Medusa and Ganesha, creating another evolution skin will add the legacy of smite by showing the impressive design of these skins.

    Unfortunately, I am in no way an artist and do not have access to someone who can put my ideas to picture. I would be so grateful to have someone in the community help me create a visual representation of this tier 5 concept. Please if use creative liberty to design this skin.

    I hope the Devs at Hi-Rez will carefully consider this unique and interesting take to Baron that will give use another beautiful skin.

    Links for related Pictures:

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    Whatever Baron skin you do make sure u get Keith David to voice him.
    And a VP too. And Music. What a load of **** godslayer theme never went to godslayer owners

    Ymir gets a VP where every thing is "hi"

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    - Ymir -

    A human protected inside an ice titan form.
    Like current Ymir but with the highest quality possible so we are able to see the human body inside the ice.
    Like seeing through glass.
    The human is bald with a white beard. He his in a trans state. His eyes are closed.
    The mass is removed. He has no weapon. His eyes shine like pure white light when using skills.
    Some parts of the ice titan break when Ymir's health reaches certain point.
    100% > 75% HP = full ice titan
    75% > 50% HP = damaged ice titan
    50% > 25% HP = even more damaged ice titan
    under 25% HP = human form with no more ice

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    I feel that it has been a while I was thinking of a "Dancing through the ages" Baron skin where every five levels change Barron to a different era of music. I really like the edm, rock a bellona, and aphrodite skins. This idea would be like combining the three into one skin. His snake does its best to wear whatever he is wearing at the time. Along with that, At each level he has a dance emote. At each stage after the first, Barons ultimate is him jumping on stage performing his dance emote untill the ultimate is over.

    At level one he starts off in the 1920s. He wears a black tux, a bowtie, a top hat, and his staff is replaced with a diamond tipped cane. At this stage his snake will be coiled around the bottom of the can closer to the ground (if he is walking with it; his hand is at the top). To throw the snake he kicks the bottom of the can and spins the snake off of the it. His abilities are all in black in white until he reaches the next stage. His dance emote at this stage is some sort of cane or tap dance.

    At level five Baron reaches the 1970s. He (and his snake) gains an afro. All his abilities switch to a rainbow disco theme. Baron sort of "boogies" across the map and the ground underneath him is always a dance floor. To keep the snake in the model he would wear it around his neck. To throw it he would flick his arm out in the middle of a dance move (maybe like Michael Jackson, I know it is not the right time period but I think I would be a nice touch). His dance at this stage is the typical disco moves.

    At level 10 Baron realizes the power of technology. He (and his snake) are listening to something using (wired) earbuds. They both bob their heads to the same tune, Baron snaps to the beat, and they rock to the music while walking. Baron's dance is breakdancing on his hand.

    At level 15 Baron surrounds himself in technology (pretty much a really good EDM skin). His snake is replaced with a holographic one that flies around him. Every movement he makes some sort of sound that, when put together, makes an EDM track. His dance is him pulling out his set and making one of three tracks on the spot.

    I think that with the ability to switch back and forth between each stage this skin offers a bit for everyone.

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    Baron samedi salesman:

    Tier1: Basic salesman, looking kinda struggling and shady. Mop/broom as weapon. Coffin is a bucket (watery/soapy effects).

    Tier2: MIddleclass, better looking clothes with suit and upgraded weapon to grass trimming machine. Coffin is a vaccumcleaner (dusty/grass effects).

    Tier3: High end salesman (wall street) with luxury suit and shiny shoes. Nice looking cane as weapon. Coffin is a briefcase (money effects).

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    So, first things first, this idea will be long, complicated, and probably never added to the game because of how much complicated i think it would be for them to do.
    Still, it's an idea so i might as well post it here for folks that might like it.

    So starting of to a actual idea for that skin, it's gonna be for Baron Samedi.
    Inspiration for that idea came from the fact that people like to build him for multiple "classes", i personally built him focusing on the healing from the 2 and for the pure power, i saw people building him for the support/tanky, there is also a possibility for aa focused build but its not viable, but let's add it to the list for lols.

    Ok, actual idea time!

    Idea is that this skin would have 1 basic look, 4 next looks, and 4 enhanced looks... yes, i know its much but hear me out.
    All of the different 4 looks would be based around seasons, so spring, summer, fall and winter, and different kind of builds would come to a evolution of a look you would get.
    First lets assign each season a role.

    • Spring: Heal
    • Summer: Dmg
    • Fall: ADC
    • Winter: Tank

    So, bu starting up the game with that skin would be a basic kind of look, i dont have any actual concept on how it would look like sadly.

    So each of the seasons would have their own "triggers" how you evolve to that look:

    • Winter (tank) — 150 protections, either physical or magical, no need for both at the same time.
    • Fall (ADC) — having at least 1.5 attack speed
    • Summer (Just your normal mage build) — having at least 250 magical power (dont know what would be ok)
    • Spring (healing) — Having at least 2 of "healing assisting" items (Lotus Crown, Rod of Asclepius or Soul Gem) ofc. Fully built.

    So that's basic triggers done, but if you remember, i said 4 more "enhanced" looks, so let's kinda explain those a bit.
    If you would happen to get one of those triggers done, you would get that specific look, then you would have to "fulfill" that role to get an enhanced look.

    • For the Winder (tank) i would imagine it would be to mitigate 30k dmg(?) or something along those lines.
    • For the Fall (adc) it would be to hit 100 auto attacks against enemy gods.
    • For the summer, it would be to deal at least 15k dmg
    • For the Spring, to heal at least 7.5k health(?)

    So let's talk appearance and voices a little shall we? I'm not best at explaining them so i'am sorry in advance!


    Voice: Calm and soft.
    Looks: Basically nature themed focusing mostly on plants blooming, soft green with some nice spots of color as a pallet.
    I would imagine him being in some coat made out of grass or normal green coat with moss on the bottom and some flowers growing on it, having flowers and some green potions around his coat etc.
    Staff made as a branch with a green snake with some blooming flowers and leafs sticking on the sides.
    Instead of the skulls from 1 it would be some flowers, same with a skull above the enemy with the passive.
    2 would make a spot of green light at casting and when fully cast it would make a patch of grass and flowers bloomed and all that would stick on for about 2s.
    His snake toss would be a snake toss, nice green bright snake. Coffin would be like its made from a big log with branches coming from the sides and grown over with moss and some flowers around the bottom, the patch towards his coffin would grow a grass for a second on the "cone" his aiming with, the grass would be left on the ground for 0.5s after he moved out of that spot or would follow the cone.
    All of the abilities would be colored around the green colors.


    Voice: A bit more commanding voice
    Looks: Summer themed skin, its kind of hard to think what it would be so i think a bit of sun based abilities with nature involved.
    Some nice shades of yellow would be nice as a bit less "covering" coat with from open, a wheat hat mayby on top of that. His wand would be more like the same wand of the spring one, but with no flowers and more leafs with a dark yellow snake, around his coat could be some potions as always.
    His 1 would be a sunflower with yellow beams shooting.
    His 2 would be a sun spot shooting down making a bit darker green/yellow spot of grass on the ground
    His snake would be like a snake, sneaking around and sneking people.
    His coffin would look similar to the spring one but with no flowers, mayby some sunflowers around and darker/yellowish grass
    All of the abilities would be colored around the yellow colors.


    Voice: A well-spoken voice
    Looks: Fall theme would be ofc based around the brown/orange/red colors, all the tree falling leafs etc.
    Looks would be in a longer coat than summer or spring, all brown and mayby it could be leather coat, potions and mayby some mushrooms around in the pockets etc.
    His staff would be a branch with a brown'ish moss covered in some spots and mushrooms growing with mayby two or three yellow to red leafs holding onto it, deep brown snake hissing on top.
    His auto attack could slap leafs on the surface it lands on, kind of like cats with witch Aphrodite skin or plague doctor Hades.
    His 1, dont know what the start could be but the beam could leave some leafs falling down after the beam.
    His 2 would make a brown spot of light but when hitting it would make a spot of dead leafs on the ground while few would float into the air on hit.
    His 3. Would be a snek coiling around enemy... as always
    His coffin would be ofc. Like other ones in basic looks but would be covered in that brown moss with leafs around the bottom and mushrooms growing around it and on few spots on sides and top, leafs flying towards the coffin while its ongoing.
    All of the abilities would be colored around the brown, red, orange and yellow colors.


    Voice: Cold (badum-tss)
    Looks: Cold and lots of blue/white colors except the baron and coffin.
    So, long and warm coat with fur with gloves etc. so our baron wouldn't freeze! We dont want that no.
    The staff would be that branch as always but this time with no leafs, no flowers etc. Covered in some snow and some ice on it and a blue icy snake on it.
    His 1, ofc ice beams leaving a cold aura after the shot
    His 2 would be a blue spot with some little snow falling while its casting, when hitting its gonna cover the floor in snow and ice making slight icicles on the edges.
    His 3 would be another snake... yes... i'am very creative!
    His coffin would be the same one but this time covered with snow around and on top of it while some icicles on few spots and inside, the casting time would make a snowflakes move towards the coffin while freezing the floor a bit.
    Abilities around the blue and white colors.

    A little about the enhanced looks would be to make it a bit spicier with the looks and all, so more of those colors and features of specific seasons.

    As i said before, i'am bad at explaining looks etc. but i tried, its fun idea for me at least, i really like it, would love to play around with it! All of the stuff inside this idea is a subject of change if somehow that would make it to the finals or better, GAME.

    Thanks for reading and have an awesome day! And i'am sorry for all the errors that might have slipped thru my eyes while writing this, and for bad formatting.

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    I would like to see the trans community represented properly with a skin. Could be for either god (although Ymir is my favorite). The god could start off as one gender then transition to their true gender. I feel this will help trans people to feel represented within the game. All we really have so far is a rainbow flag and I feel more could be done within the game to help minority communities feel correctly represented.

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    Baron Samedi Tier 5 Skin Concept: “The Unfading”

    Here’s my idea for Baron Tier 5 skin, I’d really love to draw it but my drawing skills are too rusty at the moment . Instead, I’ll try to do a very specific detailed description of each stance.
    In terms of mechanics and FXs it’s a very demanding and ambitious skin and I’m not sure if this can be done or how easy it is to make, but I’m going for it anyways.

    The skins has 3 stances: Wraith, Healer and Lich.

    - SKIN LORE: Samedi is a caring and gifted healer devoted to his people, soothing their pain and granting them powerful buffs in times of need.
    However, wars are cruel and he is not always able to save them. The world has grown dark as new mighty gods arise in the battlefield. Samedi spells are not enough to protect his allies and he needs to find new sources of magic if he wants to go on fulfilling his task.
    Desperate times call for desperate measures. As he walks the Path of Light he feels his healing powers lack strength. But the Path of Darkness offers unimaginable powerful eldritch spells and it is too tempting for him to reject it.

    I start with this one to follow the skin lore sequence. This stance has weird mechanics and I’m unsure if this can be done.

    - Physical appearance: Indigo long fine robes with a hood, light and smooth to wear; black leggings, short leather Elven-like boots, they’re indigo with lilac highlights to match the robe. Black leather gauntlets; black gauntlet bracelet on his right hand.
    He has a seafoam green belt with lilac stripes on his left with a magical bottle of potion attached to it; the bottle is filled with evanescent butterflies.
    He does not wear any kind of light armor, only the robes and accessories.
    His way of walking is slow-paced, gentle, quiet and soft.
    Clothes and accessories have engravings related to nature.
    His skin is pale (his face is the only uncovered part of his body), the hood covers half of his eyes, which are piercing black and intimidating to look at. He has no hair; he has a pair of earrings.
    - Colors: Light tones and shades. Green, seafoam green, white, lilac, indigo, skyblue.
    - Voice: Calm, deep, pleasant to listen to, medium-slow speed. Similar to Sam Neill (not the accent, just the tone of voice).
    - Weapon: He uses a wooden staff made off with the branches of a mythical magical tree. It has ethereal leaves, thorns and petals over it. Crystal dust and butterflies dust fly over it. Instead of a skull it has a glowing Crystal where the healing powers come from.


    - Skill 1: A fierce gust of wind, leaves and petals.
    -Skill 2: a verdant whirlwind of earthly energy comes out of the enemies empowering Samedi’s allies/himself with a balmy cascading effect. FX’s are similar to his staff.
    - Skill 3: Thorny branches come out of the earth wrapping and trapping an enemy. If the rooting debuff affects more people, the branch disappears and the thorns are violently thrown towards the enemies.
    - Hysteria debuff: a crystal that is constantly rotating and changing colors.
    - Skins resets: when he dies, when he ults or when he’s less than 40%HP (I don’t know if this can work with a skin?).
    - Skin stance: if Samedi heals himself or an ally the healer skin pops up, if he doesn’t he keeps his base form (again, not sure if this can work with a skin).
    - Dying animation: Thorny branches wrap his body up and he dematerializes. Crystal dust remains where his body was.


    -Physical Appearance: Greed and power have corrupted Samedi’s soul and his body shows it. His robes are now torn, his accessories are all gone, even the hood (it might look as Neil Gaiman’ Sandman clothes).
    He does not have a physical body, but a spectral, ghostly one. An eerie aura comes from his whole body as if it were spectral flames. Sometimes he can turn almost invisible to the point of only seeing the robes levitating and moving on their own. Sometimes his body can be fully seen, but it is just a mere shadow, he is not a human being anymore. He does not walk; his legs are gone and have fused with the tattered robes.
    He does not have human/humanoid features on his face (same as his hair), it is just smouldering firey shadow effects.
    - Colors: Dark shades. 90% black, highlights of dark red, dark green, dark violet, dark blue.
    - Voice: modulated, mysterious, very quiet, non-aggressive, hypnotizing, might have some kind of echo (something similar to Deftones’ singer singing voice, Chino Moreno, Lmao).
    - Weapon: He does not wield a weapon; he channels his eldritch energy from his hands.

    - Skills FXs: both his 1 and 3 skills are extensions of his spectral body with the same smouldering fire fxs.
    The 1 leaves a cross-path of dark smoky fire and the 3 is a shadowy creature wrapping up the enemies.
    - Hysteria debuff: a dark Will-O-Wisp.
    - Skin: this is his “default”skin. When he casts his 1 & 3 skills he keeps this appearance. If he misses the healing of his 2 he keeps this form.
    When he casts his 2 the initial skill fx is the same as the Healer stance, but if he misses to heal, the whirlwind dissipates as smoky fire.
    - Dying animation: his body implodes into a shadowy sphere and there is a flashing light. A Will-O-Wisp comes outs and fades away.


    -Physical Appearance: His body is somehow a mixture of the other stances.
    The upper part of the robe is slightly torn and is now covered by a heavy cuirass. The robe (neck, sleeves), is also worn out and its original colors have faded. It has now been embedded by a ghostlike decaying aura changing the colors to dark, deep crimson and purple with light shades.
    The stygian somber heavy cuirass has only one shoulder pad located on the left, the one on the right has been destroyed due to the evil energy Samedi now controls. The cuirass is cracked, it has spikes and the robes can be seen through the crevices. The gauntlets and gauntlet bracelet have the same texture and are made from the same material as the cuirass: gloomy dark matter that barely reflects light.
    He also has a tasset that looks exactly like the cuirass and gauntlets.
    He does not have legs; he levitates as in his Wraith form (similar to Hades default skin). The robe is torn and decayed and it hangs in tatters.
    His face and hands are skeletal and gaunt, his flesh rotted. He does not have eyes, his eye sockets are an eternal void where faint beams of crimson rays light when he casts a skill.
    He does not have a crown or helmet like the stereotype Lich, instead his own head and flesh take the form of fading horns and flames (something like this picture ).
    His standing pose is imposing and majestic.

    - Colors: Dark armor parts with little light, light faded fine robes, firey eyes (only when he casts skills).
    - Voice: Similar to Vincent Price in Thriller. Not an “overdemonized” stereotypical undead voice. Calm and quiet, just like the other stances.
    - Weapon: he does not wield a weapon. He concentrates his energy into Spheres of Magic that change color depending on the skill he casts.
    - Skin resets: upon death.


    - Skill 1: The fx comes from below as the earth cracks open and a sudden furious burst of dark of energy is released onto the enemies.
    The Sphere of magic is dark blue and light yellow.
    - Skill 2: Wailing sounds and ephemeral black soul silhouettes coming from the enemies. When the souls heal allies they change color, from dark to bright dazzling greenish souls. Souls don’t change color if he does not heal.
    When he casts the skill the Sphere of Magic is black and light seafoam green.
    -Skill 3: Samedi infuses a Sphere of Magic into the enemies. The Sphere grows inside them shattering their spirit and soul. The soul comes out in agony rooting their own body.
    The Sphere of Magic is dark purple and light red.
    - Ult: He does not have the coffin; he tears up the space-time and opens up an interdimensional vortex of dark cosmic energy. Like a black hole, it devours everything around it and its center is completely obscure, but its surroundings release powerful and luminous electromagnetic radiation, just like a Quasar does.
    The souls of the enemies that are pulled into the vortex get a shady aura and if they’re killed during the ult, they leave behind a shadow of themselves that slowly disappears (like Medusa statues but they don’t last much, as the killing stamps).
    - Hysteria debuff: a ghostly skull dripping ectoplasm onto the enemies. The ectoplasm contains the colors of the three Spheres of Magic: black, dark blue and dark purple.
    - Dying animation: his body starts to burn from the head to the “feet” and he evanesces leaving behind a still shadow silhouette of himself for a few seconds after his death.

    Skin stance progression in order of importance: Lich (ult) > Healer (Skill 2), > Wraith (skills 1 and 3, default model).

    - KILLING TAUNTS: to every healer and Death/Dead related god.

    If anyone made it up to here, thanks a lot for reading this extensive and tedious testament. It would have been much easier for me to draw it but as I said, I’m extremely rusty and I don’t have much time to do it. That’s why the lengthy description of each aspect of the skin as I imagine it.

    I’m only posting the concept here (not on Reddit – even when having an account there-, I haven’t drawn a single sketch of it either); Baron is one of my many Diamond gods and I really want him to win this year’s T5.

    I hope you like the skin concept and enjoy it as much as I did!.

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    Tengo una idea para la tier 5: Baron samedi "Heraldo del ocaso" primero tendria un aspecto no muy diferente al que ya tiene, para luego obtener un aspecto etereo, anunciando el fin.

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