(I know about the existing IPs thing but maybe if enough people comment with changes, it could be original? xD)

I CANNOT stress enough how much people out there would buy this for if it were added. I beg that I am not too late, but I think (considering Endgame n stuff), having a Titan Ymir skin, complete with a gauntlet. Obviously all this is assuming that they can do a mick take of the mad titan, Thanos, himself without any legal trouble. Anyways, here are my thoughts on what Infinity Titan Ymir should be able to do.

Animations outside of his transformations:

- Whenever he kills someone, they should turn to dust.

- Similarly to the above point, if he should die, have him turn to dust.

- Whenever he returns to base, he should channel the gauntlet and opens a portal with the space stone, which he steps to return to base. Similarly, he would also walk out of the portal when he gets to base.

- A special emote that makes him stand and channel the gauntlet's energy through his body, shown through different coloured electricity.


- His first ability bends reality, changing the air into dense metal (Maybe golden?) this appears from a massive cloud of red smoke.

- His second ability he uses the power stone in conjunction with the reality stone to smash the ground in front of him, cracking it into pieces and having black/red spikes shoot out the ground.

- His third ability is where he uses the time stone and the mind stone to freeze his opponents in time and grab them with telekinesis.

- His fourth ability is where he channels up and uses the power of the gauntlet to destroy a moon and smash it down in the area surrounding him. (This is using pieces of the moon, obviously not the entire moon, or goodbye map xD)

Leveling changes/transformations:

- During levels 1-5 his appearance should be in regular clothes and wearing the gauntlet with 3 stones.

- Levels 6-10 (gains a stone) and levels 11-15 (gains another stone) should be where he gains golden armour over his tunic/clothes.

- Levels 16-20 should be where he is finally wearing his helmet and he uses the reality stone to create golden spikes coming out from his armour (either all over or just in places like the arms, shoulders and upper back). He should also gain the final stone.

Some possible extra animations which may be too detailed (but would be cool to see):

- When he uses potions, have him clench his fist and use the soul stone.

- When placing wards (which guardians do a lot), he can clench his fist, using the reality stone and have a little puff of red smoke come out where it is placed.

If you have any suggestions, shoot them at me in the form of a reply because I feel like this could be really awesome! Especially given the timing.