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Thread: Achillies wtf

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    Achillies wtf

    Ive just fought a cancerous fight against Achilles in solo lane with Hours and I got really annoyed cause my damage against him was stupidly low compared to what I know it should be, throughout the entire fight.

    This it what it looked like in lvl 10:

    My 2 does 350 dmg with the build I had and he have 90 protection and Warriors blessing which reduce all damage taken by 3.
    Protection and Mitigation: Damage= (100 x unmitigated damage damage)/(100+protection) =184 dmg
    With warriors blessing this should be 178 dmg

    What I saw with my own eyes the entire laning phase was that my damage numbers was no where near what they should do. Both my 1 and 2 who both should do 350 dmg lvl 10 forexample(which i have calculated) only hit him for 150 dmg.

    Meanwhile his 3 did more dmg than both my abilities combined when he hit me with both dashed(which is cause he have higher scaling and and I had 20 less protection)
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    He's getting nerfed on the next patch. Yes he can be OP on certain situations, but he's a great warrior to support.


    “Achilles has been showing off in the Solo lane, displaying a sharp rise in both the SPL and in Ranked Ban rates. His late game damage potential pushes him above other Warriors, resulting in substantial burst damage that is difficult to react too. Radiant Glory’s raw power increase, combined with Combat Dodge’s scaling make for some heavy hitting attacks. We are lowering the damage potential of these abilities, while also updating his Basic Attack range. The animation for his attack did not match the full 16 range and put him at a distinct advantage when boxing against gods with the standard 12 range.”


    Decreased Basic Attack range from 16 to 12.

    Radiant Glory

    Decreased Power % Buff from 10/12.5/15/17.5/20% to 10/11/12/13/14%

    Combat Dodge

    Decreased Physical Power Scaling from 50% to 45%.
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