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Thread: God Concept: Cu Sidhe, Harbinger of Death

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    God Concept: Cu Sidhe, Harbinger of Death

    Cu Sidhe
    Harbinger of Death
    4 hit hitchain, 1-1-2-1, claw, claw, bite, double claw lunge

    ***This is my first god concept, and I am very excited about it. I am unsure of the numbers, they could be off and make him crazy unbalanced but I tried to match it closely to other gods numbers. My goal with this was to make an interesting Celtic Assassin that felt different from other gods. I wanted something different from Fenrir especially since he is another dog/wolf assassin. I looked through his lore and decided upon basing his kit and playstyle around movement speed and mobility, with an element of stealth, making him a very scary opponent in the jungle. The most important part of his kit is his Ultimate, the three howls that spell death are the most prominent piece of his lore.***

    Cu Sidhe is a large, green haired dog with black patterns on his back. His tail is braided from his shaggy fur.

    When mortals feel the chill in their spine or feel invisible eyes watching them, it can be assumed that Cu Sidhe is near. The baying of this beast is a call to everyone that the end is nigh. Even men on the ships out at sea are not safe when the howls begin. When Cu Sidhe begins to howl, there will always be three. Any mortal who does not seek shelter by the third howl, will face an unavoidable doom. A silent hunter, a great green dog of terrible nature, taking souls to The Otherworld. The on.

    PASSIVE: When out of combat, Cu Sidhe moves at 125% speed. If this movement is sustained for 3 seconds, it is increased to 140% and Cu Sidhe gains partial transparency and is undetectable by normal wards (Sentry wards will still see him) Additionally, the fourth hit of Cu Sidhes hitchain has 50% bonus range and jumps Cu Sidhe forward a short distance. (Similar to Arthur's basics).

    ABILITY 1: Hunter’s Precision: Cu Sidhe leaps to a target position dealing damage around him and knocking back minions. If Cu Sidhe uses this ability from stage 1 of his passive all gods in the target area are stunned. If Cu Sidhe uses this ability from stage 2 of his passive all gods in the target area are stunned, and Cu Sidhe will leap onto and maul for bonus damage the god closest to the center of his target.

    Damage: 80/140/200/260/320 (+75% of physical power) Stun 1/1/1.5/1.5/2
    Bonus Damage: 50% of physical power

    ABILITY 2: Claw of the Otherworld: Cu Sidhe digs his claws through the ground, imbuing them with the power of Otherworld. For a period of time Cu Sidhe can move without a backpedal or side step penalty, and his basic attacks receive extra penetration dependant on his movement speed when the ability is used. Using this ability does not break Cu Sidhe’s Passive.

    Duration: 4/4.5/5/5.5/6
    Penetration Bonus: 10/15/20/25/30% of Movement Speed

    Ability 3: Faerie Essence: Cu Sidhe howls and summons the essence of the Otherworld in an area around him for 6 seconds causing damage on activation, as well as damage over time in the area for the duration and giving himself a movement speed buff. Enemy gods inside the area will be feared for a time upon entering the zone, and if the zone is exited and re-entered the fear will be applied again. Any damage dealt from the damage over time will heal Cu Sidhe for half the damage dealt. Basic attacks and abilities may be used while Faerie Essence is active.

    **Visually, this ability will cause the area around Cu Sidhe to look very different, as if he had actually opened a portal to another realm occupying the same space he is in, with him moving through that space and the portion of land 'transported' and shifting with his movement like the ground on Artios human form 2nd ability.**

    Initial Damage: 60/90/120/150/180 (+50% of physical power) Fear: .5/1/1/1.5/1.5

    DoT: 10/15/20/25/35 (+35% of physical power) every .5 seconds.

    Movement Speed: 10/10/12/12/15

    Ultimate: Harbinger’s Dread: Cu Sidhe lets out a blood-curdling howl once a second for 3 seconds, becoming immune to displacement effects and silences. Any enemy god in line of sight on the first howl is revealed for the whole team. Any enemy god who is within line of sight on the second howl is slowed. If any enemy gods are within line of sight on the third howl, Cu Sidhe will dash to them, dealing damage with the dash, gaining the abilities of his 2nd stage passive even in combat, and gains attack speed. The god dashed to is crippled, slowed and has its protections reduced. If more than 1 god is in line of sight on the third howl, Cu Sidhe will dash to each of them, closest to farthest, dealing damage and the nerfs, stopping at the last god hit. Damage to gods that are not the final target deals 70% damage. Minions and Jungle Monsters in line of sight on the third howl are killed instantly. Player made walls WILL intrude line of sight.

    Damage:160/220/280/340/400 (+50% of physical power) Cripple 1/1/1.5/1.5/2

    Attack Speed: 20% Protection Reduction 15/20/25/30/35%

    Slow: 20% Slow Duration: 1/1/1.5/1.5/2

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    It's too much. A lot of the abilities have too much. For the passive, immunity to detection is incredibly powerful, for a god to have that as a passive, they can't have any other bonuses; in fact, a drawback or condition may be necessary. My advice would be to pick one aspect of your current passive, and to ditch the rest, maybe turning one of them into a buff ability instead. As for the one, again, it does to much; an AoE stun is also very powerful, add that with a Fenrir-esque maul and you have three abilities in one. The two is fine, but it has some issues which I'll address later. The three doesn't make much sense either, if an enemy is feared, they run away, so a god who enters the radius will leave immediately, if you propose that you can chase the enemy to inflict damage more effectively, now you have a fear with the potential to last as long as the ability itself. The ult is interesting, I like it, but I would suggest a rework for the final howl. Again, it does too much. It also suffers from a lack of control which could put the player in jeopardy and has the potential to deal way too much damage.
    This is your first concept so it's not a big deal, my first concept suffered from the same issue, but your kit lacks "flow". My first thought when examining your concept is that it looked like several different kits in one, the abilities didn't look like they belonged to the same god. A pro-tip when doing concepts is to either begin with a concept then find a god that fits that concept, or to find a god then make a kit based around one or two aspects of their mythology. Hera's aspect is "Argus", Kuzenbo's aspects are "Kappa" and "Sumo". Other gods are simpler, with Raijin and Zeus both having the aspect "lightning". Other gods like Baron have no real "aspect", no real common theme, but make up for it with abilities that "flow"; in other words, combo potential. Combo Potential is especially for frontline and burst fighters (Assassins, Warriors, and Mages mostly). When looking at your concept, I see "ghost", "Fairie", "dog", "otherworld", "mobility", and "scary", and there's no combo potential to make up for it. It's a rookie mistake, especially among mythology nerds like myself, to think that every part of a kit must be directly taken from lore, but it's far more important that a god have flow and, most importantly, be fun.
    I'm a veteran concept creator but only an amateur reviewer, I hope I was helpful though. This forum has basically died but it deserves to be revived.
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    Thanks for the feedback, I will tone it down.

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    Looking over what I assume is the updated concept, I can still see some issues present.

    Passive; How long does he need to stay out of combat for before this kicks in? There is no timer, thus he can be out of combat for 1 second and boom, he's now sanic fast and able to chase down/escape from just about every God (save but maybe Merc). [ Suggested Fix] When out of combat for 10s.

    First Ability; What Stage 2 of his passive? The sustained movement for 3s? Or the Fourth basic attack? This is rather vague and feels like it was part of his old passive, thus the ability needs to be updated to properly reflect that, or it needs to be more clear on what part of his passive is stage 2. And a stun on top of a targeted maul? That's a bit much. They can't move from the stun, why make it they have to deal with that and then are unable to move past the possible stun duration because they are being mauled? [Suggested Fix] Tweak the wording of this ability to make it clear what the "stage 2" of his passive is. Also possibly rewording the passive to make this more clear as well. Remove the mauling effect? Or give it a duration that coinsides with the stun, so players will be unstunned and unmauled at the same time.

    Second Ability; This is generally fine.

    Third Ability; This is generally fine.

    Ultimate Ability; Remove the ability to kill Minions and Jungle Monsters. You firstly mention Gods, and then add these in. There is an issue with that. You make no reference as to what it "can't" kill. I.e. you could 1 hit shot Gold Fury and Fire Giant with this since they count as Jungle Monsters.

    Kit as a whole; There is one glaring flaw your entire kit (excluding your passive) has. A complete lack of mana cost and cooldown for your abilities. That is a red flag, and I'm surprised wasn't noticed by King. This, if anything, is the first thing that needs to be fixed asap. You are also missing other base numbers, but those can be added in later.

    Score - 4/10. Even with the possible changes you might have made to your kit, this needs work and a lot of it.
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