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Thread: Big problem

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    Big problem

    I upgraded to the new version in smite like 2 times because every time I finish playing smite and I close the game it needs to upgrade again and again and I'm not going to do it again because I payed too much money on this game and it's your fault because my pc it's awesome. This game is too bad it's one of the worsts game I've never seen I was going to pay more money but do u know what I'm leaving this game.
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    the game is trash. imma speak my mind. and once i am done i am logging off and never getting back on so i will never see the replies here. NEVER. first of fucking all fuck you hi rez. the only reason alot of people play this game including me is because its addicting anymore. it started out fun but in the end the community is toxic the wrong people get punished and im sick of it. the second time i have been suspended because players are reporting me for their fucked up bs. and im tired of it. the community and you can go fuck yourself. this game is heavily reliant on team work. SO WHEN YOU GET A FUCKING TEAM THAT IS FEEDING AND RETARDED YOU SUFFER FOR IT. NO MATTER HOW HARD I TRAIN NO MATTER HOW HARD I TRY I WILL ALWAYS LOSE NOT BECAUSE OF MY SKILLS BUT BECAUSE OF THE WEAKLIST LINK ON MY TEAM BEING A FUCKING RETARDED COCK SUCKING PIEFCE OF SHIT. PLEASE DELETE THIS ACCOUNT YOU COCK SUCKERS BECAUSE ITS OBVIOUS YOU CREATED A GAME THAT IS ONLY FOR PEOPLE WHO CAN PARTY UP WITH OTHERS THEY KNOW. FUCK YOU AND FUCK YOUR GAME ILL CREATE MY OWN GAME SOME DAY AND IT WILL BE SO MUCH MORE FUN THEN YOUR COCK SUCKING USELESS GAME WHERE INDIVIDUAL SKILLS ARE WORTHLESS WHEN YOU ARE ON TEAM TURD. so there now that i have gotten that off my chest. fuck you. fuk your game and fuck you readers who read this and dont like it or would laugh. of course i wont even know or care to know but fuck you anyway. thank you i hope this account gets deleted and i hope you got this you makers of smite. next time create a game that actually gives individuals a fighting chance that or create a system that pairs you with people of your skill not with team turd. I AM TIRED OF LOSING CUZ OF TRASH. i am so done. so yea fuck you.

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