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Thread: How i became one of the best players in this game

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    Cool How i became one of the best players in this game


    I started playing game about sometime in the year 2013 if i'm not mistaken. that's the year when the open beta launched, so that should be it. but before playing this game, i played LoL for a little bit. i just couldn't click with it. i used some poison gas guy. i think he was a tank class. i did pretty good with him sometimes. the game itself just felt so.... flat, if you know what i mean. it didn't have much depth. so i eventually found this game. since i had nothing better to do, i played it. the pc i was using back then was absolute horse shit, so i couldn't do much.

    anyway, when i first launched the client i was met with apollo, flying around on his chariot. i'm guessing he was the new character at that time. i think he was one of the first characters that i used, and i used him in conquest. i was absolute garbage. i remember being a lower level than the rest of my team because i couldn't keep up with mob kills, and i kept on getting my ass kicked. it just seemed like there was too much to handle in this game. i just couldn't do anything, and i had no clue about what i could do to improve.

    well stuff happened and i eventually decided to buy the god pack, which granted me full access to using all of the current and future characters. this didn't happen long after i started playing the game. so after getting the pack, i played a bunch of conquest and arena. i used zeus and hades for most of that time, but i can't remember which of those characters i mained first (probably zeus).

    i think that i probably got tired of using zeus, so i continued to main hades in conquest. i reached the point where i was quite good with hades. definitely a lot better than the hades skill i displayed in one of the videos i posted on my youtube channel. however, i started to feel stale. i was pretty much only good at using zeus and hades, and only under certain circumstances. it simply was not enough. if i'm not mistaken, that's when i started to use loki. loki was pretty much a way for me to get used to using melee characters. so i pretty much only used loki in conquest during that time.

    it can't have been too long after that when i decided to abandon my comfort zone and delve into the world of assault.

    my first assault match was terrifying. the fountain was always more than just a comfort zone and a safe zone. the fountain was fuel for battle. so the thought of being completely unable to rely on the fountain at all was like i was playing a completely different game. since the rules were different, the way i was thinking was completely different.
    of course it was also terrifying because i would be directly facing up against 5 other players who were probably more skilled than me, while i'm using a character that i've never used before, playing a game mode that i've never played before.
    i can't remember any details about the actual match, but whatever.

    My Path To Be King

    i probably had multiple reasons to get into assault. i think the main reason is that i wanted to try out each character to find which ones were best for me. i guess i liked it, because i ended up maining assault from that day forth, up until i stopped playing this game. i even became one of the best assault players to have ever played this game in the process. regardless of whatever the reason was, maining assault is definitely one of the keys to my incredible power in this game.

    when i talk about "power", i am referring to the combination of skill and knowledge.

    one can be incredibly skilled at using only one character or only in one game mode, while lacking knowledge on other characters and other game modes. at the same time one can know all of the characters and game modes while lacking any skills. skill without knowledge and vise versa, is weak. you must build both in order to attain ultimate power.

    if you are skilled and knowledgeable with every character, all enemies will fall before you. whichever character you are using and whichever game mode you are in, any minute details will become nothing. power is everything.

    in my case, i'd say that my power was quite high tier.
    by the time i stopped playing, i was very skilled and knowledgeable about most of the characters.
    i was absolute garbage in 1v1, not bad in arena, pretty good in seige, good in clash, good in conquest, great in joust, legendary in assault.

    i believe that the reason my power turned out this way is because of my play style, but i will get into that later. keep this in mind for when that time comes.

    Psychological Manipulation & Exploitation:

    as i continued to play this game and build my power, i began to notice many things. many different patterns and events.

    before that, small side story. there's this old browser game called Shell Shock Live. it is a team based tank game. there were many times in that game when i won battles simply by using words. as i played that game more and more, i discovered the patterns and tendencies that allowed me to create and/or exploit specific situations which would lead to the members on the enemy team either giving up on the battle entirely, losing their will to battle, or just flat out killing each other.

    i employ a similar type of psychological play style in many different games that i play. it's often not possible, as there are specific conditions that need to be met. i won't delve too much into those specifics of the conditions. what is most important to know is that i eventually developed a psychological aspect to my play style in this game. naturally, i use this type of play style to get what i want. it is the main reason why i was able to win so many battles, get so many kills, and avoid so many deaths, despite never joining parties and playing on an extremely shitty pc for more than 90% of the time that i played this game.

    these patterns and events that i noticed are the revolved around the general behavior of my teammates, as well as the general behavior of the enemy team in relation to the assault game mode. it is probably easiest to employ psychological manipulation in the assault game mode because there is only one lane, and not many variables to account for.

    i'll admit that it is difficult to explain exactly how i do it. i should also mention that it doesn't come without sacrifice, and doesn't always work too well. i mostly abandoned my ability and desire for traditional teamwork, and instead rely on the complete manipulation of my teammates to reach the end result that i desire. for the enemy team, a different method is required.

    How i manipulate the mind:

    it is important to feel out the general power and competence of my teammates, as well as the enemy team. when the match begins, i analyze and test my teammates and the enemy team in many different ways. i pay close attention to what they do, and how they interact with each other. it helps me to paint an early picture of their play style, as well as how the battle will progress.

    when it comes to manipulating my team, it works best with players of mid tier power. if they are too skilled then they can pretty much get the results that they want through their own power. if they are too shit, then they can't contribute in any way. the main thing i do to manipulate my team is to take charge, and make them do what i say. it's easiest to do this if they make a silly mistake or if they are overwhelmed.

    when it comes to manipulating my enemies... well one of my favorite ways used to be emote spamming. emote spamming was a great way to get impatient and short tempered members of enemy team to either leave the safety of their tower to charge at me and get killed, or to tower dive my team to get killed.
    if i have a decent amount of control over my team, then i could use my entire team to trick the enemy team into getting careless. for example i could have my team fall back as if the enemy team has the advantage, then spring a trap on them.

    How i exploit the field

    exploitation is much easier and a lot more convenient than psychological manipulation in this game. i exploit my team a lot more than enemy team. it's a lot easier to do with all players below high tier power. exploitation is a lot more revolved around tapping into the flow of the game, while psychological manipulation is about controlling the flow of the game. exploitation makes greater use of the analysis i spoke of earlier, and it is the main reason why i became unable to do the kind of traditional teamwork that most players experience.

    you see, traditional teamwork is about the pooling of power. trust is absolutely necessary. there are two problems with this. the first problem is that not everyone has equal amounts of power. when you pool your power and place your trust in another player with considerably less power, you leave yourself vulnerable. that teammate will lead to self destruction in a traditional teamwork setting.
    MY version of teamwork is that i view the battle from a different perspective, and then i take action wherever i decide is most beneficial for the team, to whatever ends that i desire. it's kind of like i am watching two people playing a card game, except that i can see the cards in both of their hands, so i can aid a side whenever necessary.

    over time, psychological manipulation and exploitation have pretty much become second nature, so i barely think about it at all anymore. i relied on those methods a lot more before the culmination of my power in this game. i eventually got so good at the game that i didn't need to completely rely on them all of the time. you can see traces of the psychological manipulation and exploitation that i employ in my gameplay videos on my youtube channel.


    eventually, being great was just natural. i reached the point where i could easily attain mid to high tier skill and knowledge with most characters within only a few uses. i simply expected myself to always excel in every single battle, because that's just the way it was. who else has stats like mine? nobody. fortunately for you, i have a pretty good idea about how this happened, so you might learn a thing or two.

    behold my words very carefully. playing assault was one of three keys that allowed me to attain legendary power. playing assault allowed me to experience quick battles between a vast amount of different combinations of characters, as well as my usage of many different characters. this was critical.
    equally important is that by maining assault, i eventually learned how to completely detach myself from the fountain, becoming almost immortal in many battles. in many battles i never died to an enemy player a single time, while carrying the match. the ability to detach oneself from the fountain and become immortal in a game mode where death is necessary for progress, and inevitable, is a feat that is beyond legendary. that is the stature i have.

    the second key was developing the ability to control and tap into the flow of the battle as it plays out. this allowed me to produce and experience results that simply cannot happen in any other battle.

    the third key was understanding and accepting the nature of this game. NEVER abandoning or rejecting it. a lot of noobs like to say shit like "it's just assault" or "it's just motd" as an excuse to play like shit. the game mode doesn't make a difference. the game itself remains the same. i never use such primitive and nonsensical excuses. the only way to have fun in this game is to play the game as best as you can. i don't necessarily mean maximum effort. what i mean is just don't shove your head into your ass.
    also it is critical to understand that this is a team based game (not including 1v1 and such). some form of teamwork needs to take place. my particular style of teamwork might not work for everyone or in all situations. teamwork NEEDS to be adaptable.


    we will discuss your thoughts on my experience, as well as your own experiences in this game. also feel free to ask me any questions that you may have.

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