First off, what are you all smoking to say that Nox is an ass support. She has some of the best CC in the game. And amazing utility. Her 1 basically guarantees a dead target if it lands and they have no way to cleanse it (cleansing stuff is only up so often). Her 2 is great at shutting up channeled abilities. Her 3 is great for adc's and assassins that can take her with her. It's tank a la carte basically. And her ult can shut up a lot of mage burst and hunter burst quite easily with its damage reduc (which is what you use it for as a support, not finishing off targets, usually).

When playing her as a support, you don't do your standard combo 90% of the time like you would in mid lane. If y'all think you MUST do her combo as a support like you would do when you're a burst mage, honey, I've got some news for you.