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Thread: God Idea - Sphinx

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    Post God Idea - Sphinx

    Hello, welcome,I recently got some inspiration for the new goddess sphinx.

    Title: Sphinx
    Pantheon: EGYPTIAN
    Type: Melee, Physical
    Class: Support
    Difficulty: Hard
    Health: 600 (+75)
    Mana: 320 (+57)
    Speed: 150 (+40)
    Range: 10 (+0)
    Attack/Sec: 1 (+3%)
    Basic Attack
    Damage: 25 (+2.3) + 100% of Physical Power
    Progression: 1/1/.5/2
    Physical: 30 (+4.8)
    Magical: 20(+1.9)
    HP5: 4 (+0.8)
    MP5: 3 (+0.4)

    PASSIVE: Punch paw

    Ability 1: jump
    can jump on an opponent to stun him for a while

    Ability 2: suffocation
    imposes the magic of surrender on the enemy

    Ability 3: summon creature
    may summon a ghost cats that will follow her, and may dislodge the enemy

    Ultimate: fly
    Sphinx can free fly, and at the same time gives damage to opponents

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    while the sphinx is a mythical creature from Egyptian culture

    as far as I know, there aren't any legends/lore/myths surrounding one that would stand out enough to become a "God" in Smite

    so no

    While Smite does include other mythical creatures, they look for named or well know myths/legends to make their characters

    Yes this is the forums, where things are a bit more lax, but many of the others that do concepts like this will tell you to "Find one that is named and preferably well known in its culture, before you try and make a God Concept."

    That and there is almost little to no thought put into anything outside of her stats, that's a bit of a red flag. You have very lack luster ability names and descriptions (you just have a passive name but nothing on what it does).

    On a scale of 1-10. 1 being trash the idea, and 10 being smite worthy, this falls on a 1 hands down.
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