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Thread: Can't accept daily login bonus / Missing skins

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    Can't accept daily login bonus / Missing skins

    Turns out you can accept daily login in the store.

    The present symbol in bottom-right of xbox doesn't allow accepting the daily login bonus. Givin that it will have a box with a 1 in it if you have your daily login bonus available, it's very deceptive and bad implementation. I recommend adjusting this in some way so that players are not mislead like i have been ever since the darkness falls patch. Even if you have a prompt explaining the change, i skipped that prompt because it isn't too dissimilar to your daily login prompts from before. Menus should at least be user-friendly to this degree, and tbh over the years the main menu has only gotten more convoluted. As for the change in accepting the daily login bonus... was this necessary by any means? What was wrong with the old way? I really want a hot new awilix skin but you guys really want to spend your time with nonsensical changes like this or trying to get neith to 100 skins.

    As for the missing skins: Snuggly artemis (the one I want) and Valkyries rage thanatos (i couldn't care for) aren't showing up in the store, any chests, or in the skins list for the god in the gods screen. If any others are missing i just didn't pay enough attention, but scylla, neiths 1000th skin, nox and some others that pop up on the main menu are in, so far as i know these are the only two missing.

    Edit: After a little delving into the patch notes and seeing the "week one, two etc" of april, i get it now (skins aren't missing). Tried and true methods changing everywhere. I'm guessing patches changed to once a month? I imagine maybe it's due to crossplay, patches need simultaneous release so more time needed between. Fair enough on this.. can't gripe as i'm sure it can't be helped.

    To add to my edit, i realize the change to login bonuses now is predatory marketing strategy, forcing people to open the store to accept the login is a manipulative way to force people into seeing the "deals" to get people to buy gems. I am NOT for this approach. I've bought the $100 gems package twice because i love this game, because i want to show my support (free to play getting updated 6 or so years later and thriving on sales of things that don't actually impact gameplay, this is consumer friendly). That isn't the only purchases i've made (god pack, lower gem packages), but i can easily say i've put $300 or more into this game. Along with not getting the login bonus automatically, it's very easy to see, and theirs no other way to view these changes other then subconscious manipulation. I can assure you that so long as this isn't changed back, i won't be purchasing gems or anything else again.
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