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Thread: LFG to play ranked joust with

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    LFG to play ranked joust with

    Hello like the title says im looking to make friends and play ranked joust to learn and grow more on the competitive side. Right now I'm like silver 4 since the patch. I had some friends I play with from time to time but they are barely on. I mainly play ADCs for joust but can play others too. So if anyone is interested feel free to add me in game(Murasume) or reply on here. I look forward to playing with ya

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    My IGN is mysticmidnight; I'm also looking for someone to play ranked joust with and prefer mages. I'm usually on Friday afternoon/evening CST; so if that works for you hit me up.
    I'm a PC player on NA server looking for a team for conquest (mid/jungle) or ranked joust. My player level is 111; I have 60 gods mastered with 20 at rank V or higher and 4 diamonds (Anubis, Scylla, Sol, and Nemesis). CST timezone; message me if interested. I have over 1.5K hours put into the game.

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