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Thread: Smite is NOT worth playing until premades/smurfs are brought to heel

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    Smite is NOT worth playing until premades/smurfs are brought to heel

    This game would be perfectly fun, if it wasn't for the continual scum of other countries abusing premades and smurfs which Hi-Rez, like so many other companies in the gaming business are completely unwilling to deal with. I am sick of the excuses of why premades/smurfs cannot be PUNISHED or controlled by this company. People just take advantage of your stupidity because thats all people know how to do... take advantage.

    You give people an inch, they will take a mile.

    This is why games drop off over time because of the influx of scum that abuse the matchmaking system by bringing in their "friends", who they are only friends with because it gives them a free advantage and makes the game unfun for everyone else in the game. These creatures are the most selfish scum on the planet.

    I should NOT have to have a party to win a game. Premades should NOT give you any advantage and smurfing should NEVER be a thing. Hi-Rez completely FAIL to understand this because money is always worth more to them then integrity. Its disgusting.

    Stop making excuses for the bastards who KNOW they can get away with it and DO SOMETHING. Punish the little kids because thats the only way the entitled brats of today will actually learn any humility, grace or decency. (Which is alien to any underdeveloped country so I don't expect much from the likes of Russia or Mainland Europe).

    I don't CARE if I have to queue for a longer time, as LONG as I get a fairer game without these cheating bastards. (yes, trying to manipulate the game in your favour outside of the game world IS cheating).
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