Now I'm not really a forum-guy, but I wanted to post this while I could. If possible I'd like the match to be removed from my record, that'd be the most ideal thing for me personally.. I'll post something at the end explaining why

I was unfortunately unable to repeat the issue and so that is something. I suspect it has something to do with Re-rolling? i'm not sure.


Anyway, we accidentally queued on an assault game- I rerolled some god, got Athena. The game started to load up, but never did-- it stayed in the loading screen where I could see all the gods.
I attempted to restart the switch and reconnect to the game, but was unable to enter the game itself. I even attempted a hard Power Off, but the game didn't seem to load.
My friend informed people on my team of the situation and requested everyone leave- in order to have the queue dodged, which i'm pretty sure they did- though i don't exactly know if that's what happened.
either way I wasn't able to play the game at all.

That's the gist of things. I'm network administrator at my home, so I did the standard IT reset stuff for my modem/router just to make sure it wasn't something on my end. Hoping it wouldn't happen again, I played another game but it seemed to load fine.

-- I wouldn't normally care about this but it did change my 100% Mage to 99% Mage 1% Guardian. And considering I didn't even get to play that game, I would appreciate it if it could be taken off.
I don't play assault due to the possibility of not getting a mage, but I went ahead and played another because this was a really wonky scenario, and I wanted to report the bug. (well, that-and I remembered I still needed to do the assault jump quest anyway, so I might as well play one.)

I'm not sure if this is even the right place to put that kind of request in, but at least I can report the failure to load issue.
I'm sure y'all know my IGN is KnilLink, but I'll type it here anyway.