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Thread: Account linking... (and all that I have bought)

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    Account linking... (and all that I have bought)

    Okay, so I started my Smite journey on Xbox One about 2 or so years ago. I have bought a ton of things on Xbox, voice packs, skins, and emotes. When account linking and cross play came out I wanted to try my hands at PC. (I linked my accounts and all that jazz) I was messing around in Jungle practice (with Amaterasu) when I realized the I didn't have her voice pack....
    I went to the God tab and saw I was missing all of skins I had purchased and still no voice packs....
    (This also happened with a hand full of other gods like Aphro)
    I recently got a Switch and noticed the same thing

    Is this normal or is something not right...

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    I'm not entirely sure how this account link works in comparison to the last one, which was back during the Smite Console Beta.

    That one, when you linked accounts, it brought everything (Gods owned, skins, masteries, etc)

    The only thing I can think of is try sending in a support ticket and hopefully someone on the team can answer your question
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