So first off, I will say I know you can turn cross-platform off, but so far hi-rez's stupidity hasn't made it so you are different queues. My friend and I waited twenty-minutes to get into a game that ended in ten minutes. Not worth it. That being said, whoever came up with the idea to let PC play with console was by far, the greatest idiot. Some of you guys might be having a great experience, but my and my friend are not. If the enemy team is majority PC (3+ players, 2+ if it is joust), and your team is a majority Xbox, its an instant lost. I know people have said they've won against all PC teams and thats cool and all. But for me and my friend, well here are some of the stats. We've had 4 conquests where the entire enemy team was PC and ours was Xbox, and we got STOMPED each time. Not like, oh wait until late game, but like 10,000+ gold lead by the ten minute mark, and the kill ratio is like 1/7 (meaning for everyone kill our team gets, they would have seven, its dumb). So we try different game modes. Out Jousts have been auto surrenders at 10 minutes because the already killed out phoenixes and we haven't touched their tower. Clashes are worse than normal for us (our clash history is either way destroy them, or they destroy us, with the rare even match up that lasts longer than 15 minutes), to the point we just got out of a game where it was 6/31.

This all wouldn't be an issue if HI-REZ would fix their queues. Make it so when someone has on "console only" that it puts you in queue with other console onlys, or doesn't even try to find a game that already has a PC in it. Because waiting a half an hour for a game that lasts 10 minutes isn't worth. But waiting two minutes to get into a game where you look at the enemy team and can 100% know you won't win and it will be a terrible experience isn't worth either. Smite has been going down hill over the years for being fun, and this is just making it unplayable for my friend and I who've been playing it together since the beta. Fix it please, for this is just stupid.