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Thread: Matchmaking balancing??

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    Angry Matchmaking balancing??

    Hello, im fairly new to smite even tho I played a bit during closed beta, but I only now actually started playing it. I noticed an issue while playing tho, at start it wasnt really there (talking about lvl 1-35 or so) but.... WHERE THE FUCK IS MATCHMAKING BALANCING? Is there even a matchmaking balancing? Has there ever even been one? Cause I feel like hirez is just trying to get as much money as possible from this game without ever even giving any feedback to community? I see posts 3 years old of people complaining about matchmaking. I got matched with and against people who are lvl 120+ 10 fucking games in row!! where I get harassed and probably even reported cause i literally cant do anything, they just hard stomp me, a minion poses more threat than i do in the fucking game!!! more often than not i get matched against premade teams where all are mastery 10 with their respective god, and just, idk saying hardstomp would be an understatement.
    How are you supposed to learn from a game where you literally get spawned killed... "oh, i just got killed right when the timer went off, guess i shouldnt have had ressed at that specific time!!"
    And if you tell me "go play against bots" FUCK. YOU. playing against bots wont teach me anything since they play like bots, and have patterns that are easy to learn and abuse to win.
    Ive played league, heroes of newerth, heroes of the storm, and all those game have at least decent matchmaking, yeah you can get matched with a high lvl person who can the game, but usually, you get a high lvl too or most will be mid lvl etc. but smite has non of that... i more than once got a team with 2 lvl 10 and below against a full premade lvl 100+ team.
    I only played smite for what, 3-4 weeks? maybe less? And im already considering to quit it cause no fence but... i feel like hirez employees are mentally damaged or something. Or they dont care and simply wanna milk this as much as fucking possible!

    Im sorry for the long post, and for the rant, and for cursing. but thanks for reading, and you all who are toxic and constantly flamed me, fuck you.

    Edit: so I ended up getting about 25 games in row with people above my skill before i finally got one "fair" game. wtf hirez, get your fucking shit together
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    There is none. Thank you for this wall of text.
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