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Thread: How long are we gonna ignore all other game modes besides Conquest?

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    How long are we gonna ignore all other game modes besides Conquest?

    There is soo much potential in these game modes, all these different game modes are what made smite fun and popular and we are only balancing 1 game mode? and all other game modes balance depends on Conquest? With only balancing around Conquest, there should be game mode specific balance changes, like reducing CD of relics in Arena or increasing the time before minions spawn in Clash...soo much could be done.

    And the fact we only have PvE focused ranked game mode is also a middle finger for all who don't like Conquest, to all who like PvP focused Arena or Clash... aka to around 70% of your player base...Aka if you don't like Conquest, you can't really be competitive in this game mode. Yes, we have Joust, but it is as snowbally and PvE focused as Conquest is. Or is this community still thinking that Conquest is the most "competitive" game mode and all other game modes are just "mindless" fun?

    You guys have SUCH AN AMAZING GAME, but you are just letting the potential of this game to root or what? Just realize already that in Conquest you play for stats (level, gold), you play to gain the most stats. Not to fight players. Not a single ranked game mode with PvP focused system? really? And why don't you wanna make at least 1 more ranked game mode? Do you guys realize how many potential players are you losing, players who don't like Conquest? I guess not, otherwise, you would make changes.

    Now we are having Conquest, which is fun and very strategic. But we are missing ranked game mode where you only focus on PvP. IMO this is what this game is missing. I'm just sad really, that I can't play a ranked game mode where all it matters is PvP. Isn't this why are we playing this game? To fight enemy players? Or you guys really enjoy farming minion and camps soo much? Sometimes I just don't understand your choices Smite.

    Well, if even mods here don't understand why old Arena was bad, how can I expect that this community will. I'm just sad at seeing how this game potential isn't used really... Just because "we need to be like everybody else and only focus on Conquest". But this game could be much more. Not just Conquest. and I'm not saying balancing around Conquest is bad. But with such thinking, there should be game mode specific changes too.

    Have a good day, just put down some of my thoughts, peace and I hope we see each other on the battlefield.

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    Yes this game is hilarious. Cq players think they are best players in smite... because it takes alot of skill to farm minions for 30 minutes and have the whole match boil down to one maybe 2 team fights.

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    Although I'm not a big fan of conquest, a lot of people like it because it has a strategic aspect combined with small elements of pve and heavy focus on pvp. It's not for everyone, but it's a popular genre. I'm not understanding what you mean when you say conquest is balanced. Why do you feel it's balanced compared to the rest of the genre? Why would reducing CD on relics be balanced in Area as well? I get that you want to have some changes with the other genres but implementing CD on relics, and increasing time of minions don't sounds like a great idea that screams "balanced or fun".

    Arena is the only genre that I feel is just full out pvp with strategy but they have a very small element of pve as well which is the minons. Having that genre as ranked is a horrible idea and heard they used to have ranked arena but it got eliminated.

    I disagree with you on the pvp factor. This game is PVP with some pve elements but most pvp games will have a pve element to have goals to for you reach to let the team win. What more do you want in PVP when they have many genres to choose from?
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    Because the game is balanced around Conquest, why would they focus on any other game mode?
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