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Thread: the report system is heavily flawed

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    the report system is heavily flawed

    Reports are too easy to manipulate, first off they should not be awailable for every game, in dota you need a green conduct summary to get ONE report, in smite you can just spam that shit every game.
    Second off it favors premades, a single report is completely ignored only unfair mass reports have an impact. How many times have I been warned by self righteous toxic premades while they get nothing.
    A new account can be permanently ruined this way
    gets a mass report by premade who cant be wrong in the eyes of the report system
    goodwill at zero
    bad matches after bad matches
    low elo matchmaking no hope of ever getting a proper game
    and that's without all the smurfing.
    The reports should be limited and premades should not have the right to make the game miserable for solos.

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    i completely agree, the report system is so flawed, from the points you've stated, as well as the whole "intentional feeding" report, because 9 chances out of 10, they weren't intentional feeding. They could be trying a new god that that have not played before, bad matchup against a god, poor internet, or even just having a bad game. people think that just because they are dying a lot, that they classify under intentional feeding because of their deaths, when in reality, they are trying their best and getting spammed and hated against. Which also bring up the fact that people don't often report for hate speech and spamming? it just shows how toxic the community can be.

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    ^ This video sums it up

    But yes it is heavily flawed today 9/13/2019 I got matched with a support in my game that went in too early got me killed trying to help them, then runs around the entire map doing really nothing supprotive always the first one out of fights from what I saw letting everyone else die.

    Basically I was 1v2, getting dived by an enemy off meta, couldn't do shit, and we had an AFK player on the team.

    At the end of the match get reported for "Feeding" I am assuming and get a 3 day suspension, Hi-Rez support just gives copy/paste response which is not helpful and proves nothing given I've played like over 10+ matches a day and some of those go well and some don't should be clear enough that there isn't (INTENTIONAL FEEDING) or Griefing going on.

    However Hi-Rez suspends the account for 3 days the last 4 days I need to get Battle Pass leveled up thus screwing me out of Real Life money without reason, and by the time they resolve or fix the issue, I will hopefully have had to spend an additional $60 USD to level it, and as a result have contacted the Georgia (Attorney General) for a complaint, because I am not getting clear answers from Hi-Rez and I feel this would be solved really quickly if they had a (Live Chat Option).

    The Key Word in the ban policy is Intentionally Feeding If a user manages to do very badly especially when having a support troll them, and have acftually been at their keyboard trying to play a game then they should not be banned or suspended unless it's done with actual intent, which cannot be proven legally.

    Yes toxicity has somewhat gotten better but more needs to be done to address the report system.

    Edit: Only thing I am guilty of is deserting a couple of games at lobby because I accidently locked in the wrong god and didn't want to screw over my mates so I would have just taken the deserter penalty for that which to my knowledge at most of 3-4 would have been like an hour or a day if that.

    As well as one match were I screwed myself hard but that was like 2 days before where I player immediately came out when game started and started talking trash in chat so I muted chat entirely and went about the game but ended up playing in the wrong lane to start, had it not have been for a toxic player though I would have quickly known, but wasn't paying much attention by the time I saw I was like oh ****, though that was days before the suspension.

    What we need is a crack-down on Toxicity, anyone who even utters something toxic, or disrespectful in chat needs to be removed from the game because it has negative impact on 4 other players playing the same match, especially people like myself

    I have Mental Condition IRL, so having people spam (VGS), or start talking trash, really causes me to lose focus and do a lot worse, thus is the reason why I mute chat entirely when people start to be toxic and keep VGS off by default.

    If someone wants to actually give respectful feed-back in a game like asking someone to build Anti-Heal for example that is fine, but if users have nothing better to do than talk down towards another players build at the very start we got problems.
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