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Thread: Hello, and sorry for the rant!

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    Post Hello, and sorry for the rant!

    Hi, I wouldn't consider myself a vet player of smite at all, I've played during closed beta, for a couple of week, but the my laptop just died on me and then I kinda forgot about the game, or I just couldn't play it until, well now! After roughly 6 years I've finally started playing smite again. And oh boy was I excited (I was a league player, so it was surprising to see a "moba" type of game be this... non toxic, also don't worry, I quit league like 2 years ago or so) until I've gotten to a bit higher lvl and met some higher lvl people, I noticed that matchmaking has 0 to no balance, but I dont mind that, cause even against some lvl 100+ players I manage to play well (not get completely hard stomped that is).

    However I did meet some toxic people here and there but nothing too bad, just some toxic lvl 100+ that flamed cause I didnt play the god properly etc. no big deal, I played league so I can deal with toxic people. However! THIS ONE! OMG. Like I stated, it takes some serious harassing to trigger me. But I had the pleasure of playing with someone by the tag of: WakeUpYouDied. A lvl 121, well you can go in and check for yourself. I was playing a game of assault (the game id or whatever: 916267774) when this happened. I'm not gonna hide my account, I was Hera, and this guy was Erlang shen (it was the 2nd time I got to play her, so don't judge too hard ^^')

    So our Fafnir was pinging lets call him.. TP for short (toxic player) because he was spending an unusual amount of time in shop (I sometimes can spend a bit of time but mainly cause I dont know half the items, but this is a lvl 121 who prob has over 2k hours!) and fafnir kinda lost his cool almost at the start, saying "report afk" while TP was just responding with "report for harassment" idk about you but thats not really harassing? but who cares, its 6 min into the game and the guy is still in shop, doing nothing, one of the other members of the team now said that he is afking too, and fenrir kept saying report afk and now even a bit of harassing (saying stuff like bitch), and TP just responded "I'm not afk, afk means away from keyboard, and I'm definitely not, see? I'm buying items" And that was enough for me, so I just said that afk is just a short for away from keyboard, but it now, in this day of age means, youre not playing the game etc. but he kept on going how everyone is wrong and he is right. It didnt take TP long at all before he started cursing back, mind you, I was at this point not focused on the game but more on this dude because he simply triggered me, and I'm not even kidding, this guy, stepped out of base, around 8-9 min into the game or so (he left shop at 6 min, but he was standing at the titan), and the first thing he does is runs into a 5v1 and dies, at this rate I'm just saying, okay, "I'm gonna report you for int" then his brilliant mind thought of the idea to say that I'm "afk" cause I dont move, while I'm typing, I mean, do you guys see the irony here? He say, I'm afk, because I was standing still, and typing, while he himself was standing still AND TYPING!

    I'm sorry for cursing but I've not seen this lvl of stupid in like, ever! We went back and forth, I never really insulted him until he started calling me "retarded" and "fucking braindead" etc, you know the classic, so ofc i gave him one back, just called him a little shit tho... cause well, I try to avoid being rude and toxic etc. and It kept going like that for idk how long I'd say until 15 min (game only lasted 17) and he spent most of the time just harassing (even saying that he is a happy father with a wife and child.... yeaaaa right) and it was just a horrible experience. And I mean if you check the game ID you'll see we all are up in lvl 19-20 while this dude is still 16, reason why all our team is 19 and the enemy wasn't was cause well, we shared all exp on 4 people and they had to share for 5, well I bet you know how this game works better than me!

    Last thing this dude said before muting (I didnt know it was a thing, I'd done that a long time ago and focus on the game!!!!) was that he was going to post about this game on forums, well, I did him a favor and posted it myself. Now I don't really have anyway to prove any of what I'm saying (my fraps refused to start fml!) but yeah. Sorry for the long post! Sorry for the rant, I don't want to hate on anyone but.. you know, needless to say I did report and well asked the enemy to report (but they didnt seem to take it seriously, when he obviously inted, tell me that a score of 3 11 with only 5 assists isnt inting for a lvl 121!) But if you play with him, watch out!!! This guy is so soft that even saying "report afk" is harassment for him. If you play against him, do me a favor and hardstomp him <3

    Anyway, I apologise for the long post again, and for any spelling errors (english is my 3rd language) and wish you all good luck, hope you'll never encounter this dude. Thanks for reading!

    If WakeUpYouDied reading this, you're welcome! ^^
    You can add any lies you want in the comments, I promise I wont read any of it!

    Edit: I typed this out pretty late at night and was still somewhat triggered and wrote fenrir instead of fafnir, and just fixed a confusing sentence so it makes sense now ^^
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