You still receive the wrong gem reward from day 5 to 6 and day 6 to 7 if you are online during the login/day reset. My gem count went from 555 to 570 for day 7 reward, and it shows I got 15 gems in my rewards.

This is the 5th time this has happened now, and my forum topic related to it in the bug forum was deleted for some reason, so I have made another here. I have submitted this bug before and have received no response. It has cost me many gem and favour rewards for consecutive logins, and I likely am not the only player with this issue as it is easy to miss.

Smite also does not count you as having logged in if you do not relog after being online during the day/login reset. You will lose your streak if you do not relog even though you received the login reward for that day.

This imgur link leads to 2 screenshots showing one of the times the issue happened. Relogging does not reimburse the missing gems any of the several times I've tried it. It's very frustrating to receive the wrong rewards as I am usually only able to play late at night around reset time.