Hey all,

TLDR: Im new to smite, not mobas. LF 1-2 chill, & open minded, friends to play with.

Long Version:
I'm new to Smite, but not so much to MOBAs, and MOBA like games. And so far, I like what I see for the large majority.

Played league(LoL) for a long while when it first started before the super toxic nature got to me. Played the Blizzard MOBA, Heros of the Storm. Really enjoyed it but always seemed hard to really get into it. I didn't play a ton of other bliz games so the champs didn't seem so... enticing.

So; as some one who normally played only bots on League (to avoid toxics), and my close friend doesn't enjoy PVP, I've been playing bots here a fair bit and while I can say the AI is more single minded/predictable than most MOBAs; I feel like it has been a good start. But im looking to move more into PVP and see what the game has to offer. I'm open to playing most roles from ADC, Solo, Jungle, Support, Guard, Bruiser, etc. I've found I prefer more support oriented roles though. While I can play a ganker, I tend to be better at setup than killing. I have an over-commitment issue that gets me traded too often.

The reason I ask for open minded people is my friends are an,... "eccentric" or at least eclectic; LGBTQ group and need people who can act like adults about it. We don't mind jokes but we play games to escape our real lives and the struggles it brings. Well, that and to kill all humans/take over the world.

PS:Anyone got a suggestion for a god that plays anything like Malzahar on League? I'd love to get my mitts on a DOT&CC mage/hunter Pref good area control too. So far been using Nox, but i feel its not quite right.