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Thread: I'm blue in the Face.

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    I'm blue in the Face.

    Smite Assault game mode;

    For years now, pretty much since the inception of Smite (well before Assault/ARAM (LoL) existed) I have been an advocate and at times, a pretty negative influence in Smite; But I've always came back to it because it's unique, beautiful, competitive as hell and one of the last "original" games made.

    I am imploring Hi-Rez, Please balance assault. I understand it's Random, I do. I swear to Jesus Christ I understand it's Random...

    If one team has a tank, Let the other team have a tank. If the other team has a healer (as it currently works) let Our team have a healer. I'm not asking for full-on Perfecta balance, I'm asking for my team Not to be engaged in a battle, 5v5 with Odds either stacked in our favor or Against us because "Hi-Rez" deemed it so. (I don't mean to be hateful.).\

    A LOT of people play Assault. I quit the game several times, for months at a time because of the rage I felt due to this unbalance. I recently reached 100 God mastery and did so through Joust / Arena.

    Perhaps you could maybe change up the League of Legends idea and offer a Selection NRAM (not Random/all Mid.) gamemode. At the very least, Please allow One healer / One Tank per team... OR NOT... The best and most fun games I've had when there was No tank or healer.

    I wouldn't be spending my time saying this if it didn't have merit; And in every game I've participated in, this has been generally understood and even apologized for when fucked over when the other team has an advantage by design.

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    If you dont want randoms in a single lane mode, just play Joust? I dont really get the whole 'take the random out of the random mode, but we love the mode cause its random' thing. Clash is also a moderately similar mode, with the two lanes being close enough together to feel like 1 most of the time.

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    Firstly you can tank almost all Gods in smite, not as well as some warriors and guardians but for assault well enough. Some mages, assass and hunters lend themselves especially good in this role in assault.

    Second assault is not about giving fair teams, its about giving fair teams in respect to mmr and win ratio with said Gods.

    It can probably get even better at that, but for example if one team has zeus or puch they should have way less chance to get a proper high rated tank unless mmr distribution is heavily in favor of the other team.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Duke View Post
    I am imploring Hi-Rez, Please balance assault.
    Don't play assault if you want balance.
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    How can you ask for balance on random modes? It's not possible. However, what I recommend Hi-rez to do is make assault be random per class. This enables players to each have one tank, warrior, hunter, mage, and assasin. However, that kind of defeats the random theory but it does offers some balance.
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