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Thread: Banned from SMITE after being unbanned after two years. Please help.

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    Banned from SMITE after being unbanned after two years. Please help.

    To preface all of this, back in 2016 I was banned on the notion of hacking. Which, I hoped was disputed since recently in 2018 I tried logging onto my account to find it was unbanned without word from Hi-Rez. To say I was happy is an understatement. Anyways, I played nearly non-stop until just today where I tried logging onto my account to find I was banned yet again.

    This could be simply dismissed as "send a support ticket" but I've tried doing that countless times when my account was banned back in 2016. If needed, I can post the ID to each one if needed. None of these tickets besides the first one all the way back in 2016 was answered. All I got was an automated response back, saying I was "banned for hacking" and they "stood by the ban".

    With all that being said, I just want to play the game with friends for chrissakes. I've sunk tons of money into that account, even moreso after I was banned and I'm getting way too desperate to be unbanned.

    Thank you.

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    We dont allow Discussing Disciplinary Actions on the Smite Forums if you wish to talk about it then make a Support Ticket

    *Disclaimer: I am a volunteer moderator. I work on best judgement and do not speak on behalf of Hi-Rez Studios.*

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