So, normally I'm not one to make a "salty" post. Or, really one to post on forums at all based solely on my disinterest in staring at chat boxes for hours on end but I felt the need to bring it up as a question.

I just had a lovely round of clash vs a super sweat 3 man clan stack that, even admitted to having, jumped in to quickplay after a rough ranked game to up their moral. Obviously, the match went sideways pretty quickly and even though our team held out for a good while it wasn't horribly long until we started losing lane... kinda.

It wasn't until around the 14 minute mark that the other team even bothered with pushing lanes over hunting kills. This ain't normally an issue and even I'm guilty of just teamfighting for the sake of teamfighting. However, by the 17-18 minute mark, we were pheonix less and they... were standing around between our lanes in that little blue-camp space emoting and stat padding for a solid 5 or so minutes before I could convince enough people to F6.

The question I wanna pose is:

At what point does refusing to finish a game become something worth reporting? Where does the line get drawn from "Having fun" and straight up being an ass for kicks? Is there even a line to be drawn in peoples opinions?

Talk with me,