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Thread: I got permanently banned from Smite sub for discussing Arena ranked

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    Unhappy I got permanently banned from Smite sub for discussing Arena ranked

    and now I'm also probably going to get Reddit banned for trying to bring the light tot his topic. It wasn't just about disscusing Arena ranked, but this is how it feels at the end of the day.

    I know there are rules nothing personal etc... but permanently banned from the Smite community ain't just personal, is it? So everybody who has different thoughts can be considered "spammer"? check my comments please (/u/xMatic_Dreamer) and see for yourself that I wasn't spreading hate or being toxic.

    Thx you Smite community for 7 years, You Rock! VER and I mean that literally and figuratively.

    This thread is going to be deleted soon, like all other threads who aren't art, meme or balance suggestion. No response, just bans. This really feels unprofessional and to make someone permanently banned just like that...I really lost a lot of respect for mods on this community. A 1-week ban would be understandable, because I did make 1 or 2 many threads, but permanently?

    Oh and special thx to the 2 or 3 guys (/u/Ad4ption /u/TheDivisionAgent007 ...) who helped to get me banned, you really are the best. The saddest thing is my thoughts were considered as "spam" and low effort, but all the comments that were only spreading hate and did bring nothing to the conversation were not considered "spam". Oh, I guess because SoundDesperado agreed with them. But he didn't agree with my thoughts so all my words and love for this game were thrown into a single word "spam". Sooo professional and balanced.

    What happened:
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