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Thread: Sick & Tired of you PC Players!!

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    Sick & Tired of you PC Players!!

    I am sick and tired to the back teeth of you PC Players always thinking you are better than us Xbox players and always shouting abuse at us because you suck but you don't want to blame yourself no instead you type crap in text in smite knowing full well us Xbox players can't type back to defend ourself.

    You PC players are not as good as you think you are. Us Xbox players are better than a lot of you PC Players at this game yet you continue to blame us Xbox players because YOU PC players are greedy and stupid.

    You PC players chase an enemy half way across the map because your thirsty for a kill then die and then blame the Xbox player who was nowhere near you for your death!

    Or you PC Players pushing a lane so hard with 0 wards and you die then blame Xbox players.

    Thread after thread after thread I see again and again about how will us Xbox players are noobs and scrubs and how all is Xbox players ruin your game.... Well guess what your Smite PC version is dead... why you think they made cross play? because Xbox smite is the better version and the most populated.

    Next time you open your trap and type trash in the Smite chat remember us Xbox players are the ones keeping smite alive!

    I bet none of you PC players have the balls to even use voice chat because you know you would get shot down! you hide behind your text chat knowing full damn well us Xbox players can't reply to defend ourself! Cowards!

    I hate PC players so much they are such selfish Ahats who always think they are better than console players and that we are all Pesants!!! Grow Up!!!

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    While you start out with some valid points, you devolve into the more 'elitist' mentality you started out saying you hated. I can truly say that the mentality of some PC players is pretty toxic, but becoming the same thing doesnt fix the issue, it just escalates the issue further.

    I will say that the toxic mentality is pretty stupid, especially when certain players latch onto whatever recent excuse they feel they can use not to own up to their own inequities. I've had several matches where people will start blaming console players for losing the match....but everyone is typing, indicating that the entire team is PC players.

    The best thing you can do is make sure to report them after the match.

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