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Thread: Smite Domination Rewind

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    Smite Domination Rewind

    Ohhh so many memories, on this amazing Egyptian Capture the points themed map, this game has sooo memorable epic moments, good gameplay, many skills and builds to try out, and so much epic PvP. action.
    Oh old Domnation and Arena is what got me into this game, we played Domination back like it was our religion hehe Thor, Hades, Ra , Hercules....Old Arachne, Ao Kong, party HunBatz, Crit Ymir, old he bo and freya meta, warrior meta...damm this game is old.

    Still love it until this day. Got my first penta with Arachne in Domination haha I still remember how I pulled my last kill for that sweet penta. Or how could u go from lef or right points to mid with some gods like hades and Thor. Defending together, Ganking together hehe
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