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Thread: I need help, what am I to do with this game and the low skill level of gameplay?

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    The only common denominator to all your losses is you DJ. Hmmmm, interesting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Djungelkniv View Post
    I'm so much better than anyone else in game it gets boring really fast.
    There's your problem: Your attitude and arrogance to the point where it would not surprise me that clans have expelled you from it.
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    Well that was quite the read; and I may have some advice. Good advice? Bad? Who knows.

    TLDR: Play as a Team. Relax. Find a permanent Team. Be the puppet master if you have to.

    First off, I see you're banned now, but I know you'll go onto playing other games like this; it gets under your skin. Odds are you'll play Dota, LoL, or HotS, and may run into the same problems. Hell it applies to even other team based games, like Overwatch, or even Apex with it's 3 man teams. I'd also like to post this for anyone else suffering from this issue in the future.

    While I'm not competitive in Smite, I was competitive in other games for a long while and I actually know very well of the frustration you are going through. I've been stuck in an "ELO hell" equivalent, and not always by my own lack means. And I've been on the other end of the spectrum as we all have been. No one starts as a "pro player".

    What tended to get me out was changing my mindset, and actively combating the problems. The problem is less that others are unable, but unencouraged. What do I mean? Well as a new player in games, the last things I want to see on my teams are people who are so vastly over skilled it kills my own fun, and rage and (or) troll players. Seeing any one of these three in the first 2-3 mins really can kill the mood, making it hard to be motivated to really push myself.

    Best combat for trolls? Write off the game. Don't actively sabotage it but use that round as an excuse to try otherwise risky ideas/builds. If its going to be a loss that isn't your fault, at least profit from it with information. Then, to lower the chances of getting paired with them again, Stagger your re-queue with a bit of a delay. Say 5 mins or so. Go grab a coffee, craft some theory, take a rage dump. Just kill a few mins to save some frustration.

    Think like your Average Joe. IE: Think like a moron. Assume everyone(on your team) is a moron with very simple little lizard brains. Don't hate them for this, exploit this. Make your team feel great, celebrate the small victories, and help them rise to power. The real power dosen't come from the throne, it comes from the strings and the puppet master. Be the puppet master.

    Try playing support characters with good set up potential and really push for the "Guide" commendation more than friendly, more than team work, go for guide. Sure, you can go for highest KDR, or Most Damage. But, lets face it. Anyone who shoots for only those things really doesn't understand its a team effort. Your -entire- goal shouldn't be for -YOU- to have highest damage (excluding assassins/gankers/ADC) But more for your team to have higher total damage and least deaths. In other words, well done, you've proven you can play those roles, but is it the role your team really needs?

    Look for the true issue of these teams. Observe. Adapt. Overcome. Prosper.
    Offer FRIENDLY advice. Give good warnings. And over all just be the best team player you can be.

    Next, Find your zen. Getting angry does only 2 things. Makes you play worse; and if taken out on your team makes them resent you and thusly play worse too or even go trolling. And I did see you stopped posting in chat, and muted everyone, but that's only an extreme measure i'd say. That's to stop your own rage. But its also a determent to your team. No proper callous, or the ability to see other proper call outs means your trying to play a team game entirely solo. The letters M and E are only 1/13th of the entire alphabet. Without the rest, you get nothing of any consequence.

    Lastly; find yourself a clan, a clique, a group of reliable people who may not play the best, but make the game fun again. Even if they don't play as good as you, make sure they can help you quell your inner demon and keep you smiling. A happy player is a good player. A happy team is a victorious team. Because even in defeat, they haven't lost the true meaning of the game. To have fun. Kicking ass is secondary.
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    it sounds to me like you are prety trash at the game and you think that you are good i could solo you any day in any role no problem ive seen your kind crying about ppl being bad and all that and then in game they go 0/8 in the first 10 mins of the game dude stfu and learn to play

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