hey everyone. the wait was a bit longer than i thought it would be. i've been about as busy as usual since i stopped playing big games, but lately i've been spending most of my free time towards something else. we will discuss using ao kuang in assault in terms of practical usage, strategies, personal experiences, etc. we will also discuss the gameplay in the video.

i'm only rank 2 with ak and before this battle i have not used him in... years maybe, i don't know. i used him quite a bit after they created him, but after that i rarely used him. i remembered him being extremely squishy so i started off playing very cautiously. the rest is history.

the wait is almost over peeps. the next video i will upload will be that poseidon gameplay i've been teasing for a long time. get some snacks ready and waiting for the day i upload, because it is a longer match than average.